Vitali Klitschko



The mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko will go to London to personally support his brother Wladimir during the fight with Joshua.

As the press service of Vladimir Klitschko, the fight for the title of champion under versions IBF and WBA will be held at the Wembley stadium on 29 April.

“It’s very important when you support, rooting for you. When I boxed, Vladimir was always ringside and supported me. And this time I’ll also be with my brother during his battle with Joshua in London. Of course, Volodya a great team, but, nevertheless, the moral support of his brother – is very important. I am sure that we will win!”, – said V. Klitschko.

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The mayor of Kiev said that to fight Wladimir a lot of excitement surrounding the world – 90 thousand tickets were sold out in one day.

“Two Olympic Champions. Joshua no match is not yet lost. Moreover, it knocked out all his opponents . He is younger than Vladimir for 12 years. However, I know that Vladimir will do everything to win this fight. I know brother like no other, and I can confidently say that this technology and this experience, like Vladimir, no one boxer. Besides, he knows that this fight very much depends. So let’s wait for the fight to keep fingers crossed for Vladimir, and he in turn will do everything that depends on it,” said the mayor of Kiev.

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