Its budget will be directed to fight the virus.

Coronavirus stopped almost all competitions in the world (Belarus is still kept there hockey as a vaccine), but this has not calmed down. COVID-19 has already begun to edit the sports leagues, writes “Tribune”.

On Wednesday it became known that the Vladivostok “Admiral” will miss the next season of the KHL – professional clubs Primorye banned to sign contracts with the players. It’s official – there’s an ad on the website of the government of Primorsky Krai:

“In the Continental hockey League team “Admiral” of Primorye in the new season will not play, the club will only have youth team in the MHL U-18, and also detsko-youthful sports school. Soccer team “the Beam” will go to 3rd division and will remain a Center of training of young players. The youth basketball team “Spartak-Primorye” will play in the Russian Championship under 21 years of the League, and will be detsko-youthful sports school. Team “Primorochka-2” will represent the region in the First League of the championship of Russia on volleyball among women’s teams. Will continue to compete in far East tournaments, the team of girls under 14 years “Primorochka-3”.


This decision was made by the regional operative headquarters for the prevention of introduction and spread of coronavirus infection. The money was supposed to go to funding the clubs early in the year, will be forwarded to the reserve Fund of Primorye to fight the epidemic. The total amount allocated to clubs in 2020, the year 972,5 million rubles (item “elite Sport” in the budget of the region).

It affected only the professional clubs, youth and children will continue to participate in the competition, when they will resume. “It is also important that all youth or Junior teams will only play seaside athletes”, – said the Minister of physical culture and sports of Primorsky territory , Jean Kuznetsov.

In fact, professional sport in the region in the near future will not be – and most of that hurt is “the Admiral”, who played in the elite League (“Ray” played in the first division and were in the relegation zone, basketball “Spartak-Primorye” – the second ranked division). In this ice hockey club – the youngest in the company: he showed up in 2013 thanks to the initiative of Vyacheslav Fetisov, who dreamed of a Pacific division in the NHL, and was immediately accepted into the League.

“Admiral,” one of the poorest in the League. Last season the team had the lowest payroll budget – 250 million rubles. In the new season, this amount would not be enough to come into season (approved gender of salaries in the NHL – 270 million roubles), and the main sponsor of the Vladivostok sea trading port from-for financial crisis will not be able to Finance the team is now fully. It is understood even in the “Admiral”.

The far East was never considered a top club, but went out three times in the playoffs – let each time and was eliminated in the first round. In the team’s history there have been many scandals and strange assignments, but there are moments that you want to remember: the Derby with “Cupid”, the attitude to cats, interesting interviews in the mixed zone.

Even last season it was “the Admiral” scored the best goal according to the version of the League.

In season 2020/21 Admiral was going if not to reach a new level, then certainly to register in the zone playoffs – for the post of sports Director invited Sergei Nemchinov, who in late March started to shape the squad for next season. New head coach became Leonid Tambiev, long earned a promotion, last season he became the champion of the KHL with the “Sary-ARKA”, and the year before – with St. Petersburg “Dynamo”. Now he will have to find a new job – as are the players.

Interestingly, the club initially said that he did not know about the decision of the government of the Primorsky region: “For us, this message was a surprise, we were preparing to play in next season.” After a few hours, “the Admiral” confirmed a season pass in an official statement:

“The highest value for us, as an organization, remain the life and health of inhabitants of Primorsky Krai. In the current situation is more vital social aspect, who right now need the maximum support. I hope that the virus will be defeated, the Championships will resume and fans will once again see the KHL matches on “Fetisov Arena.”

Officially on April 1, in Primorye recorded 4 cases of infection with coronavirus – one of picked up COVID-19 have recovered. Health facilities in the territory in quarantine are 38 people (infected, suspected of infection and contacts and suspected SARS) and more than 4 thousand persons on home isolation, under the supervision of doctors.