MOSCOW, August 22. /TASS/. The company “Voentelekom” by the end of this year or early next year to complete the work on the concept of “digital garrison” and submit it to the defense Ministry. In an interview with TASS the General Director of the company, the head of the priority technological areas “Information and telecommunication technologies” Alexander Davydov.


The head of “Voentelekoma”: blockchain technology can appear in the Russian army
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“We also now firmly engaged in this direction, the truth is that within the company. We have developed the concept of “digital garrison”, which is already registered, what and how we want to automate, how to link it into the system, given the threat models and capabilities of a potential enemy,” – said Davydov.

According to him, the new risk, which provided the company is the risk of sanctions . “We can’t afford to deployment of type “digital garrison” or “digital enterprise”, a situation when we can’t buy equipment or a chip that we will stop all work. As soon as we will be able to complete this phase on the basis of “Voentelekoma”, we will offer it to the defense Ministry,” – said Davydov, adding that will complete this work “towards the end of this or early next year.”