All-Russia centre of studying of public opinion summed up the “Straight line” with Vladimir Putin. As it turned out, the citizens of the country the most memorable was the complaint of a girl with cancer, as well as the issue of non-payment of funds to victims of the floods in the Stavropol and questions about health care and dilapidated housing.

Recall that during the “Straight line” resident Apatite Daria Starikova, suffering with cancer of the fourth stage, the President complained that she had not provided necessary medical care and put horribly misdiagnosed. According to her, initially the doctors said that she had “intervertebral osteochondrosis”, that time in treatment was up. The complaint produced a bombshell . Almost immediately after the “Straight line” the girl was hospitalized in the intensive care unit district hospital, then transferred to the regional hospital in Murmansk, and on Monday, the emergency situations Ministry plane brought to Moscow for treatment.

In VTsIOM said that the problem Starikova touched alive for 23% of Russians. The issue of compensation in the Stavropol region interested 16%, health care and dilapidated housing – 11%.