Photo: Walker believes that Russian speakers are only on the occupied Russian territories

Ukrainians, speaking in Russian suffer only in the territories under control of Russia, said the representative of the state Department.

Russian-speaking Ukrainians suffer only in the territories controlled by Russia. This was stated by the US special envoy Kurt Volker, writes Deutsche Welle.

“And, frankly, the only territory where Russian-speaking inhabitants are suffering, is the area under the control of Russian forces,” he said.

Walker said that during a meeting with Russian officials “were touched upon such topics, which we will not be able to come to agreement”.

He expressed the opinion that the issue of Donbass “need a fresh approach.”

“We agreed to think about the security scenarios, and talked about the political process,” he said .

Recall that the wound in the state Department assured that they do not see the difference between the occupation of Donbas and annexation of Crimea.

Volker: Russia wants to “freeze” the situation in the Donbass