Warner Brothers began negotiations with the British actor Robert Pattinson on the role of Batman in the next film, which will appear this character, according to the magazine the Hollywood Reporter.

The owners of the rights to the character had to choose between Pattinson and another Briton, star of the films about the x-men, Nicholas Holt. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the choice is made in favour of Pattinson.

The movie “Batman”, where it is expected to be a new lead actor, will be released June 25, 2021. Previously a Director and performer of the role of businessman Bruce Wayne (he’s hiding under the mask of Batman) was supposed to be Ben Affleck. He also wrote the script, but turned down the job in 2017. The Director’s chair was taken by Matt Reeves, best known for “Cloverfield” and the series “planet of the apes”. Choosing a younger actor allowed him to rewrite the script of the film, a new look at the character.

Pattinson first appeared on the big screen in the movie “Harry Potter and the goblet of fire” as Cedric Diggory. He then earned worldwide fame in the film series “Twilight”, playing a beloved main character, vampire Edward Cullen.

Ben Affleck played Batman in “Batman V Superman: dawn of justice” and “justice League”.