The world Bank (WB) in collaboration with the Department of transport, communications and traffic of the Odessa city Council in the framework of the project “Sustainable mobility in Odessa” develops individual recommendations on optimizing the transport system Odessa and defines the investment priorities, said state Commissioner of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine Agia Zagrebelsky.

“The first results of the study in relation to the company “euroterminal” States. To reduce the negative impact it is recommended to build a new entrance to the port to bypass the city to avoid the monopoly of Euroterminal, or make this entry public, combining port and customs formalities,” she wrote on his page on the social network Facebook .

In addition, it is recommended to review the advantages and disadvantages of the current arrangements with Euroterminal including the benefits of the concentration of all of the movement of trucks through the “euroterminal”; note that this may lead to additional costs.

A. Zagrebelsky noted that “euroterminal” aware of the worsening negative attitude towards the residents; plans to further reduce tariffs over the next five years; proposes to build a new road that will link their gate and main road ensures prices will be available; has plans to build the message with the state railway system, to help reduce delays during peak seasons, which reach 3 thousand cars daily

“We’re still investigating. The Odessa city Council of the AMCU’s recommendations are not met, the case opened, the investigation continues. Regarding LLC “euroterminal” on the grounds of abuse of dominant position, the investigation is in its final stages. Prepare presentation of preliminary findings, and next month we plan to submit the results for consideration of the members of the Committee,” she concluded.

As reported, the Antimonopoly Committee in February 2017 recommended that the Odessa city Council to provide for the possibility of the entrance of cargo motor transport on the territory of the Odessa sea trade port without using the services of LLC “euroterminal”.

“Decision No. 46 of 25.02.2016 Odessa city Council … created the conditions under which all the trucks can get into the port exclusively through the LLC “euroterminal”, paying the company a certain it cost. Thus, in violation of article 4 of the law “On protection of economic competition”, the Odessa city Council has carried out actions that have a negative impact on competition”, – was stated in the adopted AMC 9 Feb recommendations.

In the materials of the AMC with reference to the letter to Odessa customs from February 2016, said that for the passage of each truck was charged in the amount of $19.5 in UAH at the NBU rate, and in another place it was said that the fare price is 230 UAH, equivalent to $26 per entry with the right to stay 24 hours.

The Committee also noted that from February 2016 at the current time alternative to arrival at the port trucks to bypass the “euroterminal” is missing.

“Euroterminal” is the investor of construction on the territory of Odessa “Dry port” – multimodal logistics complex, which includes the damper container yard of the Odessa seaport and logistics center with a developed infrastructure.

“Dry port” is one of the elements of the transport logistics chain: the terminal of the Odessa port – cargo ramp – “Dry port” – international transport corridor №9. The construction is carried out by the investor land area 42,1272 ha. According to the state register, the main owner of Euroterminal is living in Odessa, the citizen of great Britain Pavel Lisitsin.