8 may was productive for the representatives of Canada on
Ukraine, of course, the foreign Minister Christ Freeland no luck
as Ambassador Roman Vashchuk, who
stuck in the middle of the road in the Ukrainian swamp. On this day, she was found with
the newly elected President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, reports “Russian
Dialogue” with reference to the press service of the future head of state.

During the conversation, Freeland said her Canada doesn’t want
some talk about corruption, the goal should be victory over this phenomenon. Chief
canadian diplomacy highlighted the achievements of the Ukrainian side in the electronic
declarations, which, in its opinion, it is necessary to take an example.

“Our goal is a state in the smartphone,” – said

Also the sides touched upon the most painful problems of Ukraine –
the conflict in the Donbas and the ways of its solution.

“We have a chance for a ceasefire and the return of
Donbass”, – said Zelensky.

The foreign Minister of Canada once again
made in the Minsk format to resolve the problem.

“It is very important that voted for you the whole of Ukraine”,
– said she, adding that this is an example for all CIS countries.

Previously, the plan Zelensky Donbass appreciated
in the White house.

Recall the advice on how “to return the Donbass,” he
gave and the head of the political Council of the party
“The opposition platform For life” Viktor Medvedchuk.