Police Kiev

A foreigner, who was killed in Khotyanivka, Kyiv oblast, during a special operation on detention started to shoot at militiamen from two guns through the crack in the door. Staff KORD killed the attacker, because it was their life. This was stated by the chief of police of Kiev Andrey Krishchenko during a briefing, telling the details of the RAID.

Krishchenko noted the special operation in Khotyanivka began at 6 in the morning. Then the construction trailer where he was hiding a citizen of Georgia, law enforcement officers arrived and through the loudspeaker announced that they start the operation. After that, according to the commander of the Cord, the intruder hid under the bed, and soon through the gap and began firing at police officers. As a result, two commandos were injured.

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“When we tried, applying all the security measures, because he could use explosive items through the open door, he took a few shots through the door, tried with two pistols in his hands. We have a video, carried out shots at law enforcement officers, but due to the fact that we had it all figured out, we had a group cover, which covered the assault team, and they made return fire. There was no other way to act, because we could die in this place”, – said the commander of the Cord.

When law enforcement officers realized that the alien has not threatened them, they called an ambulance, but to save the attacker failed, he died on the spot. Two injured commandos were hospitalized. One victim injured shoulder and forearm, and the other – the blind wound of the sternum, the bullet lodged in his bulletproof vest. Now the lives of law enforcement officers are in no danger.