According to the hydrometeorological center, the weather in Moscow and the region now manages the Northern anticyclone, which was established in the region, reports “Russian conversation”.

In the daytime the thermometer in the capital will show +9 degrees, and at night the temperature will fall to around +1 degree. In Moscow the day will be +7 degrees, and at night gets colder to -1.

The wind changes its direction from North-East on the East, and the rate will be 7 meters per second. The atmospheric pressure was higher than normal and is 755 mm Hg. Doctors warn of Muscovites and guests of the city about the dangerous influence of such phenomena on the human body and remind you of timely precautions.

We will add that in the Russian capital will gradually begin to change the weather that will bring rains and frosts in the region.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, the weatherman told of a sudden change in atmospheric pressure.

Recall that the meteorologists gave a weather forecast for the Metropolitan area.