Recently Anastasia Zavorotnyuk rarely saw the light of day. Friends attribute this to the rumors about her treatment. Now the worst fears of fans were confirmed: the actress is in intensive care with a brain tumor. They say that the family learned of the fatal illness of the actress shortly after the birth of her third child. Little Mila was born last fall as a result of IVF, reports the Russian Dialogue.

Zavorotnyuk is not the only star who dared a risky procedure in order to experience the joy of motherhood. At that moment, nobody thinks about the fact that there is a calculated risk. ECO dangerous for young girls, but especially for women after 40.

And Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, and Jeanne Friske all readings were healthy, but had trouble having a baby. There is the opinion of doctors that if a woman does not become pregnant in the absence of obvious causes of infertility, so the body lacks certain elements: copper, zinc. This is especially true of iron deficiency, which is not always possible to identify through basic analysis.

ECO as an unnatural way to conceive overcomes the body’s defenses against pregnancy and low hemoglobin mothers this leads to the fact that are born premature, weak, and often sick children.

“Today decided to write about IVF a lot is positive, but we treat in the intensive care preterm babies, which appeared as a result of this procedure. Moreover, when we see the diagnosis of IVF, we understand that the child will be more severe” — recognized by doctors.

For women after 40 years of IVF could end very badly. Thus, the glioblastoma was discovered Zhanna Friske soon after the birth of her son Plato. The singer was treated in the best clinics of Germany, but in vain: the tumor metastasized to the brain.

In General, any pregnancy acts as a provocateur of a number of diseases to which a person has a predisposition, especially IVF, when there is a powerful hormonal attack on the body. Didn’t it ever happened with Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, step by step, repeating the fate of Jeanne Friske? Obviously, the actress, and she suspected the worst: during the opening of the jewelry boutique in Yerevan, which was attended by Nastya, fans saw the scar on her neck.

According to experts, the mark is very reminiscent of a trace from a biopsy of the retrosternal nodes, which is done to find the source of the tumor. However, the Anastasia assured: reasons for concern, soon it will return to the speeches. However, until the last hope to the fans and gave Zhanna Friske…


Studies conducted in several countries proved that the development of cancer most often occurs in the first three years after IVF. Usually, lesions arise in the ovary: due to excessive stimulation of the follicle appears too many eggs, forming a tumor. Due to the increase in the level of estrogen in your blood cancer can affect the mammary glands.

As for the brain, according to experts, IVF may trigger the development of tumors, if that were not discovered during examination at the initial stage.

“IVF can boost the progress already present in the body of the tumor. In addition, do not forget that any pregnancy, natural or IVF — causes severe hormonal changes. Patients who are undergoing infertility treatment, and past IVF to reduce the chance of miscarriage get large doses of the female hormone estrogen. But some cancers, for example endometrial cancer, hormone-dependent”, — said the gynecologist-endocrinologist Natalia Valentine.

So, doctors were unable to save from death and Anastasia Khabensky. Seven years she had been married to Constantine, and when desperate to have a baby — turned to the experts. The journalist gave her husband a son Ivan after IVF, and shortly thereafter went to the Department of neurosurgery for emergency surgery. The diagnosis is the same — a glioblastoma.

“Did the two operations, moved to America to continue treatment. To distract her from this story, I asked her to engage the help of others — children with the same disease,” said Konstantin Khabensky in the program “Pozner”.

Is it a coincidence that Jeanne Friske and her Habensky was treated in the USA from the best, both chemotherapy and felt better? But the remission was short-lived, and although according to the doctors, Habensky could live another eight years, it “burned” a year after diagnosis.

The brutal match continues: almost a year ago Nastya Zavorotnyuk gave birth to a daughter, and now it became known that after a course of chemotherapy as the actress deteriorated. The doctors convened a Council to plan brain surgery. The whole country was waiting, hoping — if only history will not repeat itself again, writes “StarHit”.


What other complications are we talking? Especially problems with the liver. Any stimulants and antibiotics can worsen the work of this important body. “If shortly before the procedure the woman was undergoing treatment for some serious preparations, it is better to postpone the insemination and give the liver to “rest”, say the doctors.

In addition, many patients undergoing IVF, complained of shortness of breath, swelling, acute chest pain. This is due to the strain on the heart: disturbed protein metabolism in the blood and muscles, including the myocardium, weakening.

If pregnant suffering from fatigue, difficult to tolerate the heat, lose weight rapidly and complain of trembling hands — a sign of thyroid lesions. Hormone load from EKO in this case can lead to serious diseases, such as hypothyroidism.

The list of negative consequences is very large, and sometimes at stake may be not only the life of the baby, but mothers. Zhanna Friske and Anastasia Khabenskaya wanted to see their children grow up, go to school and will graduate. But in the end the sons of the stars remember mom, only looking at pictures.