Photo: Vladimir tzemach / OK.RU

What “valuable” Vladimir tzemach.

Kidnapped in the Snow in a special operation of the SBU in the enemy’s rear, a top terrorist Vladimir tzemach important to the investigation for the reason that there is no living witness of the crimes of the Russian Federation with Boeing flight MH17, which was shot down near the Snow. This is with reference to its sources writes in Facebook the journalist Yury Butusov.

According to him, about five years ago, the tzemach became a “commander of a separate company PVO” in the occupied city of Snow, formed June 7, 2014: this was the first separate division of the air defense troops of Russia in the Donbass.

“Snow had a key operational value to control the communications of the Russian Federation, and the enemy hastily created groups of mercenaries. This unit was subordinated (the”Minister of defence of new Russia” – ed.) Girkin, and participated together with a group of Girkin in fights with the Ukrainian troops on the border. Tsemakh, of course, personally knew the commanders of the mercenaries who fought in the Snow. He knew exactly who launched attacks on Ukrainian aircraft in the border area,” – said Butusov.

Girkin said that after the withdrawal from Slavyansk went to Donetsk, and from there in the Snow. Company Tzemach probably in July-August 2014 together with the Russian military attacked planes and helicopters APU, the journalist added. In October 2014, the company was incorporated in the 1-th infantry brigade of the armed forces in the Donbass, and the tzemach received “shotsleft” – the title of “Colonel” and became “samambaia” in air defense. Since that time the 1st brigade of the occupants received the name “Slavic” – it became the basis for subordinates Girkin fought in the Slavic Department.

Butusov writes that now not “trying to downplay” the value of the Tzemach because of his testimony in international courts allegedly can lead to serious consequences for the regime in Russia.

Boeing was shot down by soldiers from the 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade of the armed forces. “There is a photo, video move Beech, there are audio recordings of participants in the attack on the Boeing, headed by FSB Colonel Girkin of the Russian Federation. But still in the hands of the investigation no living witnesses of this crime,” – said Butusov.