In a recent interview with Yulia Samoylova confessed that all his life dreamed of performing at “Eurovision”. At the competition, the singer will perform with the song Flame is burning.

27-year-old participant of “Eurovision” from Russia, Yulia Samoilova, said that throughout a lifetime dream to go to Eurovision. A girl from a young age, persistently pursued the goal of becoming a singer. She participated in various singing competitions, in spite of the terrible diagnosis: since childhood, Julia moved only in a wheelchair.

The popularity of the country she received by appearing in the show “factor a” in 2013. Samoilov was considered a favorite of Alla Pugacheva, which presented her with the award “Golden star of Alla”. Diva appreciated the talent of the girl.

Julia also recorded a collaborative song with Gosha Kutsenko “Comet”, which came in his second album .

A year later, Samoilova participated in the opening ceremony of the Winter Paralympic games in Sochi. On stage she performed the song “Together”.

Note, the artist dabbled in alternative music. In 2008, she founded the group TeeraNova and recorded several songs, but in 2010 the band broke up.