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What international, national, Orthodox and folk holidays are celebrated on April 22 2020 – in the material

This day is 113th in the Gregorian calendar. Until the end of the new year is 253 days.

22 April – the international day of Mother Earth. The holiday was established by the UN General Assembly in 2009. This unusual name of the holiday emphasizes the inseparable connection of man and nature.

Today the international Secretary’s day , or the Day of professional administrative staff, established in 1952 in the United States.

What else is celebrated on 22 April 2020

  • The feast of ahlidinov
  • Day spring bruderschaft
  • Day gummies in the United States
  • Day leaders the girl scouts in the United States. Leaders of girl scouts is adult volunteers, conductors and Tutors. In non-formal education programme scouts with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities included the acquisition of survival skills in the woods, Hiking, boating, sports and so on.
  • The opening day of Brazil. Historians believe that the Portuguese Navigator and Explorer Pedro Alvares Cabral was the first European to set foot on the land now known as Brazil.
  • The day of memory of victims of the Holocaust in Serbia
  • Day Oklahoma in the United States

Today was a national holiday

The people Wednesday of Easter week is called Horovodnye. Today begin to spring dances, which continue till Trinity – may 25 in 2020.

What a holiday today on the Church calendar

April 22 – the fourth day of Easter week – Light environment. In Bright week the faithful rejoice in the Resurrection of the Savior, the glory of Christ, and congratulate each other with Easter.

Also today on the Church calendar – the Day of commemoration of St. Vadim Persian. Vadim Persian is known that being from a wealthy family, gave away almost his entire inheritance to the poor, and the remaining money built the temple, where he settled along with his disciples.

The monk Martyr accepted death from a Christian who was forced to renounce his faith and to prove their allegiance to paganism to kill Vadim Persian.

Believers 22 APR honor the memory of the monk Eupsychios. This day is popularly also known as the Day Vadim-the Keymaker.

People believed that spring water in this spring day has magical properties, in particular, it is able to cure any disease, even chronic. Early in the morning had to go to the spring source. The sooner a person comes to the spring, the better for him. Pristine water has even more amazing powers, she can create a miracle.


People also used the spring water to be young and beautiful, it was enough to wash it in the morning.

What not to do in a day Vadim Keymaker 22 APR

  • You can’t lie and betray, otherwise you may lose your mind
  • On this day we need to devote more time to prayers, then there will be confidence in themselves and their abilities
  • Forget about the negative thoughts, you can’t wish evil or envy
  • It is prohibited in the day to sleep till noon, otherwise you happiness and good fortune Wake, 22 APR knocking at every door. It is important to have time to run them
  • It is not recommended to sweep with a broom, as from the house you can sweep the health and financial well-being
  • It is also forbidden to paint or to cut hair, otherwise you can attract trouble
  • Don’t pour on this day the water because she failed promises and sadness
  • It is impossible in this day to plan a major purchase, otherwise they will quickly deteriorate.
  • It is forbidden to have an empty fridge on this day, otherwise fasting will have forty days

Folk omens on 22 April 2020

  • If the wind is blowing that day – to emergency heat
  • Rainy – for a good harvest of grain
  • To see a hare, to a very hot summer
  • Arrived a flock of birds to the sun in the summer.
  • Sparrows build nests on the branches of trees – it will be very cloudy, cold and rainy summer.


Birthday Vadim, Luke and Gabriel.

Lunar calendar

28-29 lunar day, the decreasing Moon in the sign Aries. Today you can take an important decision that will change a lot in your life. Guided by the stars, it’s time to reflect on your life lunar month and analyze the situation. A good day for learning.


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