Fire in the exclusion zone is extinguished. The news I wanted to hear since like April 4, rescuers reported about a fire in the area of 20 hectares near the village of volodymyrivka Kotovskogo forestry. And now, after almost two weeks of struggle with the elements, rescuers managed to defeat her. Now answer the important questions that remain relevant in spite of this comforting news.

The fire was extinguished completely?

Open flames are not, but in some places there are still pockets of decay that is quenched from the air, helicopters, and where can drive fire truck, people.

According to the Chairman of the State service for emergency situations, rescue workers need several more days to extinguish the smoldering.

The consequences of a fire in the exclusion zone

As of this morning continues to extinguish the smoldering stumps of wood and forest litter on site Korogodsky, Decadesago, Baryshevskogo and Denisovskogo forestry.