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Business news: Follow the weekly monitoring of prices for main food products in Ukraine.

The cost of food is constantly changing in order to correctly calculate your expenses, you must be aware of all the changes in the pricing policy on the market. In this article, you will learn how to change the prices of main food products in Ukraine compared with last week (29 may to 5 June).

Bakery products:

The prices of baked goods remained almost at the same level:

The average price for a loaf of bread was – 12.00 UAH. This week the price – 12.15 UAH.

The average price of brown bread was 12.55 UAH. This week the price of 12.73 UAH.

The price of white bread was 11.58 UAH. This week price – 11.58 UAH.

Roll (pack of 5 pieces) am – 8.00 UAH. Price this week has not changed.

Milk products:


Prices for dairy products increased slightly

The average price for a carton of milk (990 g) was 23 .69 UAH. This week, milk can be purchased for UAH 23.75.

Price for a pack of butter (200 g) was 27.50 UAH. This week, price – UAH 27.65.

Sour cream (405 g) can be bought for 27.00 UAH. Price this week 27.15 UAH.

The price per kilogram of cheese was 67.03 UAH. This week price – 67.15 UAH.


The cost of meat on this allotment has not changed:

Beef (1 kg), the average cost – 125.48 UAH. Price this week – 125.48 UAH.

Pork (1 kg), the previous week was 116.23 UAH. New price – 116.00 UAH.

The average price of bacon (1 kg) was 111.00 UAH. This week, the price is 111.00 UAH.



Prices for cereals were increased slightly:

Price for 1 kilogram of buckwheat was – UAH 20.56. New price – 20.85 UAH.

The price of rice (1 kg) was 25.48 UAH. This week price – 25.55 UAH.

Flour (1kg) cost – 9.55 UAH. This week the price dropped slightly – 9.48 UAH.

Price for a pack of pasta, the average was – 14.35 UAH. New price – UAH 14.15.


The cost of groceries went down:

The price of eggs (10 PCs) was 25.53 UAH. Price this week – 25.00 UAH.

The price of sunflower oil (1 l) was 27.55 UAH. This week price – 27.15 UAH.

Salt (1kg) required – 10.10 UAH. This week – 10.00 UAH.

Sugar (1kg) cost – 18.45 UAH. This week the price – 18.30 UAH.