War with Russia is not only Ukrainian.

And Ukraine is not reminiscent of the world about it at the appropriate level. The processes of democratization in Ukraine is the sole reason for Russian aggression. This is what the Russian government now fears the most.

Russia opposes not only us. She launched a hybrid war against a well-established democracies, not even hiding it. Moreover flaunting it.

So, Putin aide Vladislav Surkov in his notorious column, “a Long state of Putin” directly stated: “the Rejection of this illusion in favor of realism determinism has led our society first, thinking about his special version of the sovereign democratic development, and then to a complete loss of interest in discussions on what should be a democracy, and should it, in principle, to be.”

Putin, apparently, interfere in elections in the United States, supports anti-systemic and anti-liberal movements in Europe, publicly declared that liberal democracy had become obsolete. Politics in Russia is still more tragic: the arrests of opposition leaders, restrictions on access to elections in the elections in Moscow, the mass arrests of protesters on the streets. It’s all part of the politics of Putinism, policies aimed at the loosening of world politics, on the subject of Putin’s rules and ideas.

Ideologically, this is justified by the death of liberal democracy, about which so fond of saying Putin and his cronies. And that is why democratic processes in Ukraine cause a hatred of Putin, because they negate his main thesis about the irrelevance and uselessness of democracy in the 21st century. And they are dangerous bring democracy to the borders of Russia, and therefore a threat to his domination.

That is why the strongest and most radical opposition of Ukraine Russia is to constantly maintain the interest and discussion about democracy in the Russian state in the first place — demonstrating the legitimacy of democracy by example. The best we can do is to deepen and improve democracy in Ukraine.

And it is necessary to reinforce the active and effective policy at the international level, proving the commonality of the Russian threat to the world community. And this requires a proactive communication strategy of the Ukrainian authorities.

Now we can’t see her. So, the last two weeks all the world news read about Ukraine in the context of the conversation of the presidents of the USA and Ukraine. But Ukraine acts more as an object of international relations, unfortunately, we don’t show the proper level of its value to the world, not dockable own subjectivity in the international arena.

And this is exactly what you need to do a joint effort. We need to show that Russia — the enemy of all democratic processes in the world. And we were at the forefront of this confrontation, but the front against the Russian aggressor should be common for everyone who is committed to survival of democracy in the world. The world must remember that today democracy is protected by the Ukrainian army, however, to cope with the Russian threat is a global challenge that needs a global response.

The key thing to do is to build a joint coalition at the international level. A coalition based on values, a coalition that will resist the spread of Putin’s ideas in the world. And the only way we can overcome the Russian aggression.

But we also must remember that it is equally important to develop a clear common position in Ukraine. It is for this was created a parliamentary Temporary special Commission. And before the Commission members, the creation of which was supported by the factions of the EU, the servant of the people and the Fatherland will begin to develop a common vision and position to negotiate with Putin — is extremely dangerous.

Any political leader failed to master Putin in the negotiations. It is naive to believe that this can be done to a person who is in power in politics resides less than six months. This should not be perceived as an insult to the President, today the whole world knows how to deal with Putin, even the most famous leaders of the strongest countries. That is why it is extremely important to cooperate with all leaders of democratic countries to jointly define a strategy against Russia. But today, unfortunately, we do not fully understand the President’s position about how this network of support for Ukraine in the world will be built.

The past two weeks, individual members of the party the servant of the people more looking for enemies inside the country than outside it. This is a mistaken strategy. There has to be absolute unity in countering Russian aggression. That’s what most afraid of Putin. And that’s what we need to do.

Inna sovsun, the “New age”