Andrei Piontkovsky

A terrible end to Gaddafi fired on the Kremlin dictator deep impression.

The brotherhood in arms of Colonel Putin and the Commander of the Islamic revolutionary guards Corps major General Hossein Salami as at the time, the friendship of Hitler and Stalin bonded together by spilled blood. At this time, not the poles, and up to half a million Syrians, destroyed by the cannibalistic regime of Assad.

The mystery of the touching affection of Putin to Assad is not only a phantom geopolitical reflexes, although they are present in all Russian klatalay. Putin’s rescue of Assad, keeping him in power – a deeply personal overvalued idea. This is not about Assad. It is primarily about – Putin – their own security. In a paranoid picture of the world of a KGB Lieutenant Colonel demonic forces of evil of the world is obsessed with the goal of consistently crush all titans of the resistance of the unipolar world – Milosevic, Gaddafi, Assad and, finally, Putin himself (!). A terrible end to Gaddafi fired on the Kremlin dictator a deep impression and did much to confirm him in this belief.

Since then, cover ass Assad became all-consuming idea of Russian foreign policy. And this ass was raised to the rank of sacred values of the “Russian World”.

And as an added bonus, the inhabitants of Aleppo and all other the Turkomans, the existence of which our national leader and never heard of hearing, tested samples of the latest military equipment. With fatherly pride in the new look of the Russian VKS Putin zealous noticed that they acquire in the Syrian campaign a unique experience much more effective and cheaper than in the course of military exercises.

With the same personal passion and unwavering determination steps in Syria over the corpses of their enemies, another war criminal General Salami. The whole world remembers him as a single triumphant Victory Parade through the ruins erased from the face of the land of Aleppo. But unlike the egomaniac Putin in General Salami feeling a part of the two-billionth of the Ummah, there are lofty esoteric goal, the Ministry which he has devoted his entire adult life of a warrior and a true Muslim.

And here, providing, at last, within a few years, the Syrian campaign is needed to Guard the beachhead, the Commander of the Islamic revolutionary guards corps major General Hossein Salami was able with great satisfaction to declare to the city and the world that the destruction of Israel – is “achievable goal”.

He stressed that Iran, after four decades after the Islamic revolution, “managed to gain the power to destroy the Zionist regime”. Salami added that the Jewish state should be wiped off the face of the earth and it’s “no more dream”. Apparently, Salami believes that the guardians of the Islamic revolution, it is not necessary to wait for the suspension of the Iranian nuclear project and the cursed Zionist regime be wiped off the face of the earth a massive missile strike from the Syrian bridgehead.

The rhetoric of the religious fanatic, the leader of the world’s largest terrorist organization leaves no choice to the General staff of the Israeli defense Army of Israel. As for any other governments in the face of such incredible danger. It is sufficient to refer, for example, very fair comments from such a respected military experts like Colonel Vladimir Putin and Lieutenant General Sergey Ivanov.

“If anyone tries to use weapons commensurate with weapons of mass destruction against our country, we will respond with measures adequate to the threat. Wherever terrorists, the organizers of the crime, their ideological or financial sponsors. I stress, wherever they are.”

“In such cases, and I confirm it officially, we will strike. Including pre-emptive”.

The first statement – from the speech of President Vladimir Putin at a government meeting on 22 October 2002, the second from the statement of his defense Minister Sergei Ivanov, made October 28, 2002

Colonel Putin is positioning itself as a great friend of the Jewish state.

“Almost two million Russian-speaking citizens of Israel living in this country. We believe Israel Russian government, the citizens of Russia and Israel are bound by family, kinship, friendship ties,” he said during the recent visit of Prime Minister Netanyahu to Russia.

The Israelis, and not only Russian-speaking, had expected a great friend of their country and the guarantor of the security of Russian-speaking all over the world Putin will Express somehow their attitude to outright plans of its military ally in Syria.

“To persuade Iran to withdraw from Syria is not Russia’s problem”, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the plenary session of the Valdai club.

The language of military reality this means: Yes, I know the operational plans of my military ally in Syria Hossein Salami . They does not bother me.

De facto, the Russian troops are in Syria today as a living shield for the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps, preparing for the “final solution of the Jewish question.” This is a dry remnant of the ten-year special relationship, Netanyahu and Putin.

Netanyahu soon sent yet another visit to Moscow. Maybe he is, this time, take the advice of the late Valeriya Novodvorskaya:

“Look into those crystal eyes, at the bottom of which lies the endless anger, anger to the reptilian man.”

Andrei Piontkovsky,