Alexander Golts

At the meeting of Putin and Makron was a sensation.

Russian citizens should feel a sense of deep and lasting gratitude to the French President the Emmanuel Macron,who risked reputation and called Vladimir Putin a few hours in his residence. It would seem, what for the talking. Try to reach the Russian chief of the major agreements is meaningless: he’s lying, like breathing, easy to refuse what he had promised. Publicly argue — not the presidential level. Remains worn out of the deep historical ties, to insert a quotation from Dostoevsky, Yes, say something pompous about the inevitability of Russia’s return to the path of European development. All to the extent known and predictable that the organizers of the meeting did something unprecedented: he held a press conference after the talks the leaders and to them.

And here it was a sensation. Not the world, really. A Russian shtetl. It turned out that, lo and behold, the chief ruler of Russia know that the state capital, which he manages, almost a month rocked by protests. It turned out that he was listening and that on the ground in the Arkhangelsk region exploded an experimental “product”, triggering a release of radiation. And the peasants thought that the nobles of the king-father the truth hidden. And he in his ignorance does not know how to kill time. At the bottom of the sea-okiya will come down, the faithful slaves in leather armor will. And it turns out he knows everything, everything knows. Just didn’t want him before he stinks to report. So now is government in Russia that the very fact of asking the President a question about something unpleasant can be considered as an attack on the foundations. As a hidden hint that the Emperor, hope of the people, something they overlooked and, terrible to say, screwed up. Right to asking question with the mention of something unpleasant having zarubica with them is foolish enough to take it. But when, after victories in the Crimea and the Donbass, and also to the distant United States foreign leaders with Putin stopped to chat, the opportunity to ask questions and hear any kind of response only happens once a year, at the Valdai forum. But for deep autumn spend. And wait for the Russians until November, if successfully Makron with his castle had not turned up.

Then Putin at the very end of the press conference and highlighted with French feeding Russian domestic problems. First tell French people about CT scans. At the same time not deny myself the pleasure and trimmed illiterate foreigner, who asked that it exploded in Siberia: “In Siberia there were no incidents. If You mean in the North sea, it is a different region of the Russian Federation. No threat there, and no increase in the background there also does not exist. Sent experts, including independent experts who control the situation now. Anyway, I get these reports, get reports from our experts and military experts and civilian. We are serious changes were not visible. But preventive measures are taken to ensure that there are no surprises”. So calm down, all right. That a few Russian stations in the global system of monitoring compliance with nuclear test suddenly ceased to report information to the chief, of course, not mentioned. Poor communication in Russia, North, you know. In short, not Imperial this business to find out in detail. The FSB have all involved the receipt of non-disclosure took. Therefore, and the end of it. By the way, in Siberia, too rushed. Warehouses under Achinsk. Well, that’s just the little things. So, the village was demolished without any radiation. Putin to this just do not care.

Well, then about the protests and massacres. The Russian people, they say, has the right to protest. But only in the framework of the laws that we drew him. That is, on his knees and nothing else. And then the French about the x-rays already, and theirs “yellow jackets” “We all know the events associated with the so-called yellow jackets, which, we think, according to our calculations, 11 people died, 2500 were injured, 2,000 police officers including. We would not like to see similar events occurred in the Russian capital, and will do everything to ensure that our political situation has evolved strictly within the framework of existing law.” It let macron tells about compliance with the European Convention on human rights. Russia is going to roll up the asphalt as a preventative measure. Against this background, the words of the French President about the need for Russia’s return to PACE (promotion of what Putin thanked) seemed especially appropriate.

Alexander Golts,