Belarusians do not reveal the program of integration with Russia.

Lukashenko and Putin will sign the program of integration of Belarus and Russia in December, and with it the number of agreements that must resolve the painful issues in relations between our countries. Then begin work on the legislation which will unify Belarus and Russia in various fields. The integration programme already exists, affects all of us, but we the content is still not disclosed, reports “Belsat”.

Lukashenko and Putin will sign the integration documents of the 8th of December to the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty on the “Union state”, confirmed in the government of our country. Among other things, executives will accept the road map.

“After the roadmaps will begin work on regulations for 2020. If you take the custom, there is almost everything is unified in the framework of the EAEU. If some other areas, where people don’t even understand the magnitude of the changes necessary”, – said the Minister of economy of Belarus Dmitry Steep.

The Ministry of economy to clarify the essence of the Minister refused. The question of when the citizens finally learn the contents of the negotiations, advised to ask the Council of Ministers.

“I believe that is a question for the government. And I don’t agree with you that nobody knows anything. Quite a lot of publications there are about the process,” said Belsat by Viktor Evtukhov, the head of the Department of public relations of the Ministry of economy.

Phone, the press Secretary of the Prime Minister Alexandra Isaeva during the working day did not answer or was busy.

Integration without details

The question is why the authorities of Belarus and Russia is not misleading about the content of the agreement about integration, the citizens of Minsk during the street survey of “Belsat” said this:

“I think nobody hides. Such documents are very long”.

“Most likely there are moments where affect our sovereignty. That’s all.”

“This, of course, worried. To be honest, Russia doesn’t really want to deal with in the long run. I would like her to be away.”

“If all borders will be wiped, everything will be bought. How business is done in Russia, everyone knows”.

“Maybe the placement of any of the armed forces. After all, the world is such a situation, neighbors, etc.”

“Probably because our country is partisan. Everything is so necessary, is partisan. And then we learn”.

Talks about integration, there have been more than eight months.

Prime Minister Sergei Rumas said that the political issues in the program implementation of the Union contract no. Well, it’s only about the economy on the principle “two States – one market.” And said: you may publish these provisions after the fact – after the governments of Belarus and Russia all agreed.

Lukashenko also stated that the final proposals for cooperation with Russia is still relevant:

“Dependence is very large, even from a brotherly country”.

The political scientist Andrei Yahorau from the Centre for European transformation reminds that the Belarusian leadership has itself led the country into this relationship – their integration agreements and the exploitation of this theme.

“It creates these problems associated with the fact that more and more a part of the sovereignty of Russia demands from Belarus to renew the payment,” adds Egorov.

According to the expert, now to get rid of dependence on Russia you need to take really decisive steps.