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None of us is immune from the unpleasant situation at the airport is to remain alone with the empty baggage belt. Not deceive and confirm that the loss of baggage can ruin the beginning of any holiday or “marry” the failure of his last days. However, in order to reduce the negative effect of what happened, each of us should know a few simple rules of conduct for passengers in this situation. The first one is to trust the statistics and hope that you will find yourself in an impressive number of lucky that the Luggage is returned in the first few days after arrival. prepared a memo for passengers who don’t know what to do in case of loss of baggage, to receive compensation or to protect themselves in the future from such an unpleasant experience.

For a start – comforting statistics

According to the Association of European airlines (Airlines for Europe), 85% of all lost Luggage is returned to the owners during the first three days on arrival. At the same time, complete loss of Luggage is only 7% of the number claimed.

According to Sita (the international IT service provider industry), which monitors the transportation of baggage, the total number of lost suitcases fell from 46.9 mn in 2007 to 24.8 million in 2018, given the fact that the number of passengers during this time nearly doubled.