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From June 1 to change the clearance of an accident according to the europrotocol

From June 1 will increase the limit of payment for insurance when making an accident by europrotocol. Now you can get from the insurance company is not 50 thousand, and 100 thousand rubles. For Moscow, the Moscow region, St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region in 2014 works unlimited Euro Protocol 400 thousand rubles under the condition of fixing of the circumstances of the accident with the help of technical means of control.

Another important innovation: the European accident report can be issued without the consent of the parties about who is the culprit, and the circumstances of the accident. However, only under the condition that drivers can record data about the accident (place and self collision) with car DVR with navigation GLONASS or using a mobile app through which you can check the validity of insurance policies and a picture of the machine and damage at the scene .

In the Russian Union of motor insurers note that in this case the participants are still required to fill out a notice of accident and to specify the differences. If there is no technical possibility to record the disagreement, the accident must arrange the traffic police.

Jurors come from the district courts

From 1 June, the jury court will be expanded. Still, it existed only at the level of regional and equivalent courts.

Under the new law, if you wish, the accused can apply to have his criminal case was heard in district court judge and a panel of six jurors.

Innovation extends to the garrison military courts.

The law also reduces the composition of the jury in regional and equivalent courts. Previously, the Board consisted of 12 people, and now their structure is reduced to eight. The district and garrison courts in the composition of the jury, by law, comprised of six members.

Measures due to the increasing openness of the judicial system and public confidence in the court. This is especially important for garrison military courts, whose activity is traditionally considered to be the least open.

Ends with the exchange of foreign driver’s license for Russian

June 1, completed a period of exchange of foreign driver’s license into Russian for professional chauffeur in Russia.

In 2013 in Russia, a law was passed prohibiting the involvement of as drivers of persons with documents issued in Russia. To obtain or exchange rights on the Russian man had to pass three exams: one theoretical and two practical — on the racetrack and in city traffic.

Mobile operators will block the callers, whose identity cannot be confirmed

From June 1, operators will be required to disable customer’s phone numbers, the identity of which they can’t identify.

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Such requirements include amendments to the law “On communications”.

In particular, the company shall establish the name, surname, patronymic, date of birth and passport data of the client.

The law applies not only to new treaties but to the ones that were signed earlier.

According to experts, not be able to use your mobile number can up to 20% of subscribers.

Most of them are people who use corporate rates, and those who bought a SIM card with it, leaving information about yourself.

Passbook bearer will be cancelled

From June 1 to come into force a few amendments in the law relating to personal Finance.

So, will be banned passbook and savings certificates (securities, certifying the amount of contributions of physical persons), but not all, and only bearer — bearer, they do not indicate the owner. The older generation of Russians actively use the savings Bank, but these people have checkbooks registered. They can be used further.

Savings certificates can now be registered. And they will be included in the Deposit insurance system.

Repeal of savings Bank and savings certificates in bearer form is one way of combating corruption and the financing of terrorism was noted in the explanatory note to the bill.

In addition, from June 1 to the loan agreement must be in writing if the sum exceeds 10 thousand rubles. Before the written fixation of loan was necessary if its size is at least ten times exceeding the minimum wage.

In Moscow will change the scheme of movement of transport during the world Cup

From June 1 for six weeks in connection with carrying out in Moscow the matches of the world Cup and festival fans in certain areas will change traffic.

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Some of the streets near the “Luzhniki” will be blocked

Some of the streets near the “Luzhniki” will be blocked

In accordance with the requirements of FIFА, part of the streets around the sports facilities, in particular stadiums, Luzhniki and Spartak, will be closed.

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Changes to traffic patterns near the stadium “Spartak”

Changes to traffic patterns near the stadium “Spartak”

Local residents who received a pass in the Prefecture of CAO, JSC and CJSC will be able to come to their homes without restrictions.

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The change in traffic patterns during the festival, fans on the Sparrow hills

The change in traffic patterns during the festival, fans on the Sparrow hills

The roads may be a new layout

On June 1, in Russia will enter into force the national standard, which offers road services cities on a voluntary basis to use color markup. For example, the zone of overtaking, can be marked with a yellow line, and lanes at intersections blue. The new symbols on the tarmac will not allow the driver to skip the headland or a ban on the intersection.

In General, the color palette is even wider. “For any normal horizontal markings (including duplication of the image of road signs) establishes the following colors: white, yellow, red, blue, black, green. For temporary road marking is set to the orange color…” — stated in the standard.

According to the Deputy chief of the situation centre of the Moscow Center of traffic organization (COD) Andrew Muhortikov, solid centerlines, symbols, roadsides, affecting safety, should be white, yellow, orange, it is bright. The rest of the lines are of secondary importance and should not distract the driver from traffic.

However, the question of the emergence of a new marking on roads of Moscow is not yet resolved.

To liquid vapou will demand

On June 1, will become effective the first national standard of the Russian Federation on liquid for electronic delivery systems nicotine (wapow).

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He reglamentary the presence of ingredients used, packaging requirements and methods of checking of conformity of products to quality standards.

According to the developed standard, the purity of nicotine and its salts, which are used in liquids for wapow, shall not be less than 98%, purity of other ingredients should not be below 94-95%. Another requirement is that the tightness of the bottle, the absence of defects and leaks on it and the unavailability of content of vaping to children.

The document requires manufacturers wapow to indicate on the packages the information about the product: its appearance and name, name and address of the manufacturer, the nicotine content in the liquid. Also the package must be marked with the inscription “Nicotine is addictive”.

It is worth noting that the standard is not mandatory, but voluntary standards. Its advantage is that, given the requirements of bona fide manufacturers of wapow confirm the quality of their products. And the purchase of wapow whose packaging does not meet the standard, the buyer will be able to think — is it safe product if the manufacturer chose not to provide information about themselves and about the content.

Polyclinic upgraded to provide primary care to children

June 1, the Ministry of health will implement the target program on development of material-technical base of children’s polyclinics and outpatient departments. Most of the funds will be used to purchase new instruments and equipment. Special attention will be paid to identifying the disease at an early stage and rehabilitation of children who were born in new perinatal centres.

Some hospitals are waiting for the redesign to make the stay for children and parents more comfortable. Also in all children’s polyclinics will be implemented so-called lean technologies in the framework of the project “Lean hospital” — an appointment through the Internet and obtaining analyses of the queue, the introduction of electronic cards, etc. a Complete retooling is planned by 2020.

Smart meters will appear in the Moscow houses

From June 1 the pilot project “Smart meters” will start in regions where the calculations are carried out within the framework of a single information clearing centre (EIRTS). The goal is the gradual replacement in city apartments, old appliances to the smart meters that are connected to the Internet and transmit consumption data in one system automatically and remotely.

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The owner of the apartment where the counters are the new generation, don’t have to rewrite the readings of water and electricity, and then transmit them to the management company. Smart device does everything on their own, despite the fact that the owner is able to monitor the daily consumption through the personal account in the app on your smartphone or computer.

In preparation for the pilot project of the smart devices installed in 500 homes. The test period of the “Internet counter” will run until 1 October, it will monitor the Department of information technology of Moscow. After successful testing, they have to sign agreements with mobile network operators and meter manufacturers. It is planned that shortly after the “pilot” service for the replacement of old meters for new ones will be available to all residents.

Advertising on prohibited payment

From June 3 it is forbidden to place advertising on the payment documents for payment for housing and communal services, including on their reverse side. On payment it is now possible to print only information on tariffs, service providers, and social advertising.

The changes should protect the rights of citizens to receive the information they need and to prevent mixing of such information with advertising. Many people see ads on receipts, confused, be sure to pay and what not.

Aviakerosene will not be allowed on Board

June 4, will come into force amendments to the Air code.

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They will allow Russian airlines to refuse to transport aviahorison.

Passengers, included in the register of persons entitled to flights which are limited by the airline, will be discarded at the stage of buying the ticket — they simply do not sell.

In the registry aviakerosene you can get for insulting the passengers and crew, disobeying the requirements of the aircraft commander’s actions threatening the safety of people.

A year later, the sanction will be cancelled and the airline cannot refuse the flights the person was getting into the registry.

A special Fund will share the data of remote sensing of the Earth from space

June 6th will be a document governing the activities of Federal Fund of data of Earth remote sensing from space. The Fund is administered by the state Corporation “Roscosmos”.

The activities of the Fund will effectively use data from government and non-government spacecraft. Data and copies of the Fund will be able to transfer on request to government agencies, companies and citizens.

Introduces a mechanism of reorganization of insurance companies

From the 8th of June will start to work the scheme of rehabilitation, i.e. rehabilitation of insurance companies. Earlier such procedure was not.

The mechanism of reorganization of insurers at the expense of the Bank of Russia is similar to the scheme of rehabilitation of banks: the Central Bank becomes the majority owner of the insurer, decapitalize it, and upon completion of the recovery of the market sells to the investor.

Thus reorganized the company or the interim administration in court to recover damages, i.e. the costs of the reorganization, former shareholders of the insurer.

Banks tell the borrowers about the risk of foreign currency loans

Since June 24, credit institutions must inform borrowers about the risks of loans in foreign currency.

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Early in the reception of loan applications, including the Internet, the Bank was obliged to place the information on conditions of granting, use and repayment of consumer or mortgage loan. The new rule obliged the Bank to inform customers — in large letters right on the first page of the contract — about the increased risk of borrowers who receive income in a currency other than the currency of the loan.

This document was begun to prepare after the end of 2014 has dramatically changed the ruble against the dollar, and many currency borrowers are unable to pay the loans.

Besides, now the banks will have to publish information about the date from which interest for the use of consumer credit, and to inform about the approximate size of the monthly payment of the borrower.

Banks identificeret customers using biometric data

On June 30, will come into force the rules of law that allow remote authentication of client — physical persons with the use of his biometric data and details contained in the unified system of identification and authentication (ESIA). This mechanism allows banks to open accounts for client-natural persons without personal presence — through the Internet.

A single biometric system will use two parameters to identify the picture and voice of the user. If the data in the identification does not match with the original biometric, open an account will be impossible.

Previously, banks could not open accounts and deposits without the personal presence of the person opening the account or his representative.

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