In this spring festival in Kiev are organizing events for women with completely different tastes and interests. The theaters will show a film about the style icon, Jacqueline Kennedy, will also be devoted to the work of Amy Winehouse. Citizens are invited to a play in which the main role takes the legendary Ada Rogovtseva, after which you can continue the evening on a cozy girls night with cocktails and piano music.

The Race “Ladies Run”

The organizers urged Kiev to meet spring bright and to celebrate March 8, running 6 km one of the best parks in the city. In the race are invited to participate not only women but also men that want to give its beautiful ladies. To register to attend, click here .

When: March 8, 10:00 – 12:00

Where: Mariinsky Park

How much: free

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Exhibition of violets

Guests will be able to admire the violets over 500 wines and other homemade flowers, as well as to consult on the cultivation of plants in the apartment with the leading Ukrainian growers.

When: March 8, 10:00 – 18:00

Where: national science and natural history Museum of NAS of Ukraine, B. Khmelnytskogo str., 7

How much: free

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Premiere of the film “Jackie”

The film tells the story of Jacqueline Kennedy — first lady of the United States in the early 60’s, the most popular woman of her time, style icon. In this tape the authors have reproduced one of the most tragic moments in American history — the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas and the ensuing few days, showing these events through the eyes of the most Jacqueline.

When: 8 March, 19:00

Where: cinema “Zhovten”, “Kiev”, “Ukraine”, etc.

How much: 80-100 UAH

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The performance of “Like happiness” with Ada Rogovtseva starring

The performance of “Like happiness,” created by the play of P. K. Diuturna Palmada and “Runaway”. It is ironic and a bit sad Comedy that tells the story of a strange journey together two women. Both fled from addiction and doomed to irrelevance. Margot and Claude are totally different. They meet accidentally, and yet are necessary to each other.

When: 8 March, 19:00

Where: concert hall “October Palace”, the Alley of Heroes Heavenly Hundreds, 1

How much: 220-550 UAH

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Amy Winehouse Night

In the bar “the Alchemist” on March 8 will be devoted to the work of the legendary Amy Winehouse. Guests will act as bands, and DJs. Their versions of songs Amy will play reFUNKtion Kiev Music Band, Jarvis, Jubilee of the Sea, Jan Altuhova, Ksusha Kosmos, and others.

When: 8 March, 21:00

Where: Alchemist Bar, Shota Rustaveli, 12

How much: free

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Chamber concert Sony Centurion

Each concert Sony Centurion like a play. She could easily create a parallel reality, to place on the stage of the theatre of shadows or 60 people crowd in the best traditions of Broadway, concerts, the children play a real root Blues, while adults laugh like children. She can change the scenery and extras, but the same is her sincerity and amazing musicians from the group “GURT Yogurt”.

When: 8 March, 21:00

Where: Docker Pub, bogatyrska, 25

How much: 150-200 UAH

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Party “bar girls”

All the ladies are invited to a pure maiden party will sound of the piano and the girls are bartenders prepare proprietary Tequila Penicillin and Vanilla Sky.

When: 8 March, from 19:00

Where: Pink Freud KYIV, St. Lower Shaft, 19

How much: free

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Latin party “Spring is coming”

Kiev invited to a festive party with fiery Latin music and dance till you drop. To act is the group SEPTIMO. Band plays world hits of famous artists such as Buena Vista Social Club, Celia Cruz, Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Natalia Oreiro, Juanes, Shakira, Ricky Martin.

When: March 8, 20:00

Where: Buena Vista – Latin House, Bolshaya Zhitomirskaya str., 8/14

How much: free

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Exhibition of LOVE.contemporary

To participate in the exhibition curated by Yulia nuzhina invited 15 pairs of domestic contemporary art. The only participant without a pair is the painter Roman Zhuk is a special guest, whose installation in the shape of a heart meets visitors on the first floor of the Museum of history of Kyiv. The exhibition presents paintings, drawings, photographs, installations and video art.

When: 2 – March 16

Where: the Museum of history of Kyiv, B. Khmelnytskogo str.

How much: 30 UAH (entrance to Museum)

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Screening of short films about love

In the collection of the festival NewVision “love” consisted of five romantic films. Thus, the viewers will demonstrate the following films: “the Nightingale” (Poland), “Night butterfly” (Belgium, France), “the Last king” (Germany), “Dancing in a circle” (Austria), vacant land (Spain).

When: 8 March,15:30, 19:00

Where: a cinema “Kiev”, Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str., 19

How much: 50 UAH

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The trip to the Kiev zoo

The capital’s zoo to join in the congratulations. In honor of all women will be able to visit the zoo for the price of a child ticket. By the way, the animals have already begun to slowly emerge from winter spyaki.

When: 8 March, all day

Where: Kiev zoo, Prospekt Pobedy, 32

How much: 30 UAH

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Fjordwalker luck with a great new album, Elements, is filled with sacred experience in his distant journeys, wrapped up in a nice atmospheric electronics in a wide genre from ambient to trip-hop. This evening will also act as r.roo and Polygrim some of the most interesting Ukrainian idm artists.

When: 8 March, from 19:30

Where: Mezzanine, ul. Nizhneyurkovskaya, 31

How much: 125 – presale, 170 – the day of the event

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