For most people NAPs are useful



News of show business: Suprun has told, under what conditions should sleep during the day.

However, scientists say that sleep has a positive effect on our body under several conditions. About this on his page in Facebook said the acting head of the Ministry of health Suprun.

According to her, sleep in the afternoon helps to restore your concentration, productivity and ability to focus at work. In addition, the NAP works as an antidepressant, improves mood and overall can give a boost of energy after a good night’s sleep.

“However, it is important that this stay was not very long – no longer than one hour. The most optimal and useful duration of the Sandman is about 20-30 minutes. In addition, to apply the dream as a rest for the day better if at night you sleep fully,” explains Suprun .

The acting head of the Ministry of health notes if you have sleep disorders at night, your body compensates for this a long daytime sleep. And it can be harmful to health and affect your performance.

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In addition, a long NAP in the middle of the day can disrupt the body’s internal clock, causing a kind of “failure”.

Then it can disrupt the daily routine that may cause uncontrollable feelings of hunger, sleep disturbances and lack of energy. “Constant feeling of fatigue and sleepiness can be an indicator of the presence of health problems. The desire to NAP can be caused by stress, insomnia, apnea (shortness of breath) during sleep.

In addition, some studies have linked constant fatigue and sleepiness in the afternoon with risk of 2 diabetes type, cardiovascular disease and increased risk of mortality from all causes,” – said Suprun.