BATE only in third place.

After the end of the season-2019 were announced, and the company Lacerta set out to learn the secret of the Belarusian football, namely in what money he costs the sponsors and the state? For several weeks the authors of the study communicated with their sources – managers, clubs and football functionaries. As a result of this work was to collect the most reliable figures for each of the 16 clubs. All participants of the championship of the higher League has spent a year almost $ 43 million. The lion’s share of the costs sustained by the leaders and the first new champion of the country. Outsiders who have left the elite division, failed to fully execute their budgets. The result – the disappearance of the clubs.

“Dinamo-Brest” – $ 10.0 million of

In July 2019, the boss of Brest Alexander Zaitsev told the blogger Yevgeny Savinthat for the maintenance of the club in the championship year it took about $ 10 million. According to 25 percent of this amount, the management of “blue and white” spends on the development of children’s football: the contents of the Academy in Brest and branches in Alexandria and Ashmyany. The investment in the club does not pay even half.

– Today the Belarusian football for the investor – sponsorship of clean water. Unfortunately, we don’t make money on the TV rights, no global sponsorship contracts, which can cover all the expenses of the club, as it happens in the top leagues of Europe, – said the General Manager of the “blue-white” Maxim-mongers.

The main founder of “Dynamo” and part of the main investor is the company “Maintain overseas”. It is included into group of companies “Maintain Groups”. The Association was founded in Belarus for doing business in the Middle East, the CIS and the European Union. The company is engaged in supplies of Belarusian equipment, building materials and food.

BATE – $ 5.5 million

We have long been accustomed to the fact that tax revenues BATE is largely dependent on performances in European competitions. Due to the success in the Champions League and Europa League Borisov less many depend on government assistance. As it became known last season thanks to gospodarica “yellow-blue” had filled only 30 percent of the club’s Treasury. However, in the season 2019 BATE are unable to secure a European autumn, so received from UEFA only 1.24 million euros. But for the season-2018/19 BATE earned 12.5 million euros.

Under European money honed the contracts of almost all players on the team. If BATE last year still made it to the Champions League group stage or Europa League, then the club has grown not only revenues but also costs (in the case of the European success, the players get substantial bonuses). Without this expenditure budget of the “yellow-blue” in 2019 amounted to $ 5.5 million.

Shakhtar – $ 6 million

General sponsor company “Belaruskali” allows “miners” to be one of the most financially stable clubs in the country. According to our information in last year’s budget the “yellow-blacks” made up about $ 6 million. From sources close to the leadership, “miner”, “Tribune” became known that about half went to the content of the core team. The second part covered the costs of children’s football and the construction of medical-rehabilitation center on the club database.

“Dinamo” Minsk – $ 4.5 million

Last year Dinamo was not easy. After the club was taken from Yuri Chizh, his employees had a hard time. Players, coaches and other staff of the “Dynamo” for a few months not been paid. However, when the “white-blue” have gone to the Minsk city Executive Committee, the debt was repaid, and a budget of $ 4.5 million have been spent.

“Isloch” – $ 2.2 million

The club from the Minsk area develops, and with it, increases its budget. Last year on the construction of the club base, nursery school, primary and women’s teams left in the order of 2.2 million dollars. On the content of the men’s team in championship-2019 finished in a record fifth place, took about a million dollars.

This year the wolves are meant to live modest. Vitaly Zhukovsky said that the budget “Isloch” decreased by about 25 percent. Because of this, the club had no women’s team, but did not reduce spending on the development of youth football.

“Torpedo-BelAZ” – 3.0 million dollars

A year ago torpedo could invite foreign players on a salary of about ten thousand dollars a month. The management of the plant BelAZ wanted the team were in the medals and did not spare money on maintenance. According to our information, in the season 2019 budget rodintsev amounted to 3 million dollars. According to transfer policy of the club in the current season, the appetites of the football team became more moderate. In Zhodzina do not go to the players of the championship of Russia. The team is strengthened by players that last season played in the second half of the “elite” and Russian D2.

“Gorodeya” – 1.0 million dollars

In the season 2019 “sugar producers are” showed the best result in its history, finishing in seventh place. You do not even had to increase the budget, which, thanks to the support of the local sugar mill in recent years was about a million dollars. Bosses “the City” is calculated for comparable money and in the current season. However, the excitement of all involved in the club adds to the uncertainty regarding the future Director of “Gorodeya sugar plant” , Mikhail Krishtapovich, which is one of the defendants in a sensational “sugar case”. Stable financial position of the club in recent years – solely to his credit.

“Slavia” – 1.0 million dollars

The main sponsor of the “Slavia” is the Mozyr oil refinery, which is headed by Vitaly Pavlov. Long time friend of the famous coach Vladimir Zhuravel much immersed in football and devotes much time to the Affairs of the local club, providing stable funding. According to thanks largely to the efforts of Pavlov last year, the budget of masiran amounted to $ 1 million. I wonder what will happen to the club in the new season, because the issue of Russian oil deliveries to Belarus decided not to finish.

“Minsk” – $ 1.5 million

In recent years, the bulls would not throw money. The club is unable to offer players large salaries, therefore, relies on its own trainees. Last year the budget for the maintenance of men’s and women’s teams totaled $ 1.5 million. On the wards of Andrey Razin left 0.8 million dollars for women’s team under the leadership of Vladimir Reva – a hundred thousand less. Interestingly, the girls thanks to his successful performance in the Champions League, have closed a significant part of the costs the club money from UEFA, earning about 300 thousand dollars.

“Neman” – 1.7 million dollars

By the standards of the Belarusian “the tower”, “Neman” has not the smallest budget – about $ 1.7 million. The bosses of the citizens are proud of the fact that serious money is invested in the development of children’s sports. For example, last year at the club’s Academy has its own boarding school. Because of this, according to our information, the main team of “Neman” is spent only 40 percent of the Treasury of the club – about 700 thousand dollars.

Slutsk – 1.0 million dollars

In Slutsk like to say that soccer in the city has become a social phenomenon: the club the cozy stadium, which is well filled, and operates its own school. This is the great merit of the local sugar refinery, which is the main sponsor of the “Slutsk”. Thanks to the support of businesses in the last year the budget team has made a million dollars. By the way, for 2018 has been spent 700 thousand dollars.

In “Slutsk”, as in “City”, is now in turmoil: everyone is waiting for outcome of “sugar business”.

“Energetic-BSU” – 0,5 million dollars

“Students” is the poorest team in the League. The players on average earn about 300-400 dollars a month. As it became known last year the club spent for the maintenance team of about 500 thousand dollars. 2/3 of this amount, the bosses are fought off by selling their players Vsevolod Sadovskiy, Alexei socks, Vladislav Vasilyev and Ilya shkurina in Brest “Dynamo”.

“Vitebsk” – $ 2.5 million

Last year the budget “northerners” looked pretty impressive and was approximately $ 2.5 million. However, legally, a football club “Vitebsk” is not only the command of the higher League, but also the local stadium and football school. In addition, last year, the “northerners” were built and the football arena. In 2019, the club has distributed the financials as follows: the content of the core team took 40 percent of the budget, 43 – to the stadium and the construction of the arena, 17 – the children’s school.

“Dnepro” – 0,45 million dollars

Last winter, a businessman Vladimir Telpuk, who helped Finance “the Beam” has decided to unite the team off from the higher League Dnipro. The investor promised to make the Mogilev main town in the Belarusian football. For this first year budget of the new project was to be about 900 thousand dollars. However, to fill it failed. And if the first part of the season with the financing it was more or less stable, then in the second part there was a total seams: players, coaches, and other employees of the club for about six months did not pay. According to last year the club budget was disbursed only half – about 450 thousand dollars.

“Gomel” – 1.3 million dollars

Last year Gomel ‘ not exactly planned to leave the elite. Bosses “lynx” signed players in a group attack on a salary of about five thousand dollars a month, and the club budget was approximately two million dollars. However, to fully master it failed. In addition, due to the fact that in the Gomel region there are no tax benefits on land and property, the club was funded from the profits of enterprises, therefore, the “Gomel” had to pay VAT of around 20 percent. As a result, net budget “green and white” last season was around $ 1.3 million.

“Torpedo” Minsk – 0.65 million USD

The next arrival in the Belarusian football Russian businessman Mikhail mironenkova was short-lived. In the midst of last season he ceased to sponsor “Avtozavodtsev” because of poor results. Before monthly the Russians were transferred to the accounts of “torpedo” 128 thousand dollars. In the first five months of 2019 the Mironenkov spent on the club about 650 thousand.e. and disappeared from radar. To find a new sponsor torpedo couldn’t. The team had to withdraw from the championship.