Photo: state border service of Ukraine From entering Ukraine measure temperature

The world health organization recommended to focus on the collection of declarations, rather than on the temperature measurement.

The world health organization considers that measurement of the temperature of passengers when entering the country is costly and not very effective measure to prevent coronavirus. This is stated in the recommendations published on the website of the organization.

“Control of body temperature at the entrance or at the exit itself is not an effective way to prevent the spread of infection between countries, as infected persons may be in the incubation period, they may not be obvious symptoms for early stage of the disease, or they can take antipyretic and thus to hide the symptoms. In addition, such measures require substantial investments, while the benefits of this can be a little bit”, – stated in the who recommendations.

The organization believes that more effective to give travelers advice on how to avoid infection, and to collect the Declaration of health status on entering the country with contact details of passengers, to properly assess risk and track possible contacts, according to the world organization.

Earlier it was reported that all who enter Ukraine on the border to measure the temperature.

For the first few days, the guards held a screening temperature of 75 thousand citizens entering the country and did not find an elevated temperature or signs of diseases have checked.

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