The Reburial Franco

The decision on the reburial of the remains of Franco in the summer of 2018 took the left government headed by the leader of the Spanish socialist party Pedro Sanchez.

In Spain there was an important historical event buried the remains of dictator Francisco Franco. In fact, this is the same as to carry the body of Vladimir Lenin from the mausoleum.

Why the Spaniards went on it, found Корреспондент.net.

Who is Franco

Franco won the Civil war in Spain 1936-1939. He fought against the elected left-wing government. Franco established a dictatorship in the country and declared himself leader of the state Caudillo. Franco’s authoritarian rule lasted until his death in 1975, after which Spain moved to democracy.

Although the country has more than 40 years are democratic, the legacy of Franco is still worried about the Spaniards. The statue of Franco was demolished, and named in his honour the street was renamed. But his embalmed remains are still kept in a huge mausoleum in the valley of the Fallen near tens of thousands of victims of the civil war, fought on different sides of the barricades.

Many Spaniards believe that the Valley of the Fallen is dedicated to the victory of the nationalist forces of Franco over the Republicans in the 1930-ies. In the construction of the monument was attended the participation of political prisoners, whose forced labour was used during the dictatorship of Franco. Besides the valley of the Fallen have long favored far-right gathering in each anniversary of Franco’s death to honor his memory.

Big politics

The socialist government of Spain, which came to power in June 2018, promised to exhume the remains of dictator. So it was supposed to solve a specific political task: to unite a motley coalition of parties, which managed to be collected to suspend the right of the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy.

In addition to the desire to remove Raho, only dislike for the Franco unites various left-wing parties, Basque and Catalan nationalists. In the years of his reign they were subjected to persecution. For some time the desire to get rid of one of the last symbols of francoism were obscured contradictions.

Rush to the reburial Franco also tied to the next elections. They are due November 10. Socialists seek thus to strengthen its position among left-wing voters. Interestingly, the second most important left-wing party Podemos, wanted to hold this event after the election, unfounded fear that is now part of her supporters will go to the socialists.

The authorities want to turn the valley of the Fallen in “the place of remembrance, mourning and honoring the dead in the war.” The presence of the remains of Franco in the center of the memorial, the socialists called an insult to democracy.

National dispute

Attitude to Franco in Spain is very ambiguous. The right-wing supporters believe that francoism was both positive and negative sides, the left making it extremely negative. Both are now about the same number — about 44%.


Protests against the reburial

Which moved

The procedure of reburial took place in conditions of heightened security measures. The exhumation was attended by only the Minister of justice of Spain, a coroner, a priest and descendant of Franco 22.

The Franco family had unsuccessfully challenged the reburial in court. Relatives insisted that Franco should be reburied in the family vault in the Cathedral of the Almudena in Madrid.

Authorities in response declared that the former dictator could not be buried there, where he can publicly praise. The government also rejected the request for security reasons. The position of the authorities and supported by the Vatican. In the end, the remains of the dictator was buried in the Madrid cemetery of El Pardo, Mingorria.


The process of dismantling the granite slab on the grave of the Caudillo state budget cost of about three thousand euros.


The Spaniards joked a lot about the reburial of the dictator. October 24, was created the hashtag #unboxingfranco (literally unpacking Franco), who entered the top 10 world trends on Twitter. Developed even a special game in the style of Super Mario, the character who is trying to get to the Basilica, where the remains of Franco.

The story of the exhumation of Franco is very similar to the debate about the reburial of Vladimir Lenin in Russia. They also previously been raised closer to the election. But the Russian government, unlike the Spanish, makes no sense to oppose the Soviet Union, which largely symbolizes the mausoleum on red square. On the contrary, in Russia playing the role of a successor of the traditions, especially in the international arena.