ASMA Assad is the daughter of the Marat ahmetshin Malinoi

© Alex Tsypin/TASS

DAMASCUS, July 25. /TASS/. The wife of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ASMA on Wednesday gave her daughter who died in the battle of the Hero of Russia Marat ahmetshin Reline kitten Scottish fold breed. Father Rainy in June 2016 in the Syrian Palmyra took the fight to the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) and died saving comrades.

Earlier Wednesday, ASMA al-Assad paid tribute to the memory of the Russian and Syrian military personnel killed in combat missions on the territory of the middle East Republic. In the ceremony of laying wreaths at the tomb of the Unknown soldier in Damascus was attended by the relatives of the fallen Russian soldiers, arrived in Syria at the invitation of its leader.

As the correspondent of TASS, after the ceremonies, the wife of Bashar al-Assad talked with the guests from Russia, and then was invited for a joint photograph . “Everyone on the face smile? Let’s have some fun” she said to the audience.

After the photo shoot, ASMA Assad handed Raline dark grey kitten. “What do you call it?” asked Asad. “Ember,” replied the girl.

ASMA Assad oversees the program “Victims of the Homeland”, which is focused on the speedy rehabilitation of the war disabled and their return to socially useful activities. In addition, it takes care of the families of the dead soldiers and boarding schools for orphans. Another direction of its activities – promotion of young talents, their direction to the scientific training abroad, including in Russia.

Parents, wives and children of heroes

On July 23 in Damascus was attended by members of the five families of Russian soldiers killed in the fight against terrorism in Syria. Among them were the parents of the Hero of Russia Roman Filipov, whose su-25 fighters shot down over Idlib from MANPADS. The pilot was shot, was seriously injured, and then blew himself up.

The delegation wife and children of the Hero of Russia Marat ahmetshin. Here also the wife and son of the Hero of Russia Oleg Peshkov, shot down over the province of Latakia, a Turkish fighter jet and killed during a landing on a parachute from the fire fighters from the ground.

Invitation to Assad to visit Syria took the wife and daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Valery Matveeva, Navigator of the Mi-24, who was killed during a hard landing, and daughter, operating nurses of Hope Durachenko, which was the victim of a mortar attack by terrorists pediatric mobile hospital in Aleppo.