News received directly from beloved and dear to every Russian viewer Vyacheslav Malezhik, literally taken aback. “The intensive work that I was conducting in the concert halls, radio stations, publishing houses of Newspapers and magazines, probably took a lot of effort! And I missed the dangerous attacks of stroke. In a moment I have forgotten how to sing, play guitar and walk. The forecast of doctors is not devoid of optimism. We live. Pray for me!” — posted by Vyacheslav on its official website.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

We immediately contacted the nearest and dearest famous by a man — wife Tatyana and relieved to hear her soothing news: “After the intervention of doctors Vyacheslav became easier. The disease is certainly serious, but the husband still perfectly thinks and expresses it in words.

We hope for favorable outcome of the disease, and the doctors support us in our optimistic mood. This disease is treatable, just as a rule, recovery takes time . But Vyacheslav is very manly and is already trying to walk; I hope that he will soon finally be on his feet and will continue to delight the scene of his viewers”.

“MK” for its part, believes in the best prognosis and wishes a great poet, composer, the most talented performer of his famous songs and great friend of “MK” final recovery in the shortest possible time.