Staff of the journalism WikiLeaks has released another part of the files containing confidential documents of the American CIA.

About it reports “Russian conversation”, referring to this portal. The common name of a series of publications looks as Vault 7.

In the new fragment described work technology intelligence services of the United States “Archimedes”. These funds provide agents to carry out cyber attacks on local networks, typical for office computers.

In particular, using “Archimedes” you can control one of the network devices in order to track traffic from other computers. The information obtained in the browser, is redirected into a database dedicated server of the CIA. Thus the user does not even suspect that all of the information fall into the wrong hands in a minute .

We will remind, representatives of WikiLeaks have done on the eve of the start of publication of documents, the announcement indicating an unprecedented amount of received data. The first series of CIA material was published on 7 March.

In total, the journalists were given access to almost nine thousand of documents and files that were previously on one of the servers closed to the external influence of the network of American intelligence.