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MOSCOW, August 29. /TASS/. Will appear in Russia Association of the blockchain and cryptocurrency (RABIK), which will bring together market participants blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies owners and investors.

The corresponding statement was made by the Russian President’s adviser on Internet issues Herman Klimenko.

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“The main challenge in creating this type of structure and level is, first of all, the attract maximum public and industry interest, building the ecosystem,” – said Klimenko during branch meetings .

In turn, the Director of the project activities of the Institute for the development of the Internet Arseny Weltzin noted that such a structure will help in the implementation of important government objectives – the transfer of Russia in the digital economy.

“RABIK will not only Express the position of young and fast-growing blockchain industries during the development of scenarios of regulation at the level of the Federal legislative agenda, but will certainly engaged in the promotion and implementation of technologies of its members to Federal state structures in the regions. In regions such dialogue will be deployed at the level of Ministers of information”, – said Weltzin.

According to him, the structure will consist of three committees – the “Blockchain”, “ICO and investments in blockchain”, “mining and miners”. The work will be conducted both in person and in absentia at a special crowdsourcing platform. The committees will include representatives of relevant sectors in the blockchain industry.

Chairman of the organizing Committee for the establishment RABIK Yuri Pripachkin noted that in the framework of the activities of the Association will be a dialogue with the regulator in order to legitimize cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, distribution practices in the implementation of blockchain technology in public commercial and public structures.