The General Director of the Bolshoi theatre of Russia Vladimir urin officially announced that the premiere of the ballet Nureyev will be held at the Historic Bolshoi theatre on 9 and 10 December.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The decision of the Director made after a meeting with Kirill Serebrennikov, he was allowed to conduct the investigation after receiving an official letter from the Bolshoi theatre. About this opportunity urin spoke on gathering of troupe of the Bolshoi theatre, promising to bring to public attention the results of the negotiations, if they take place.

Today also agreed that if the leadership of the theater, or Yuri Posohov during the release of the performance would require consultations by Kirill Serebrennikov, it will be possible to revert to the investigator and to obtain permission for a meeting with the Director .

“Kirill Serebrennikov, gave consent to the theater that, if his detention is not resolved, the performance of “Nureyev” can be brought to the premiere of choreographer Yuri Pokojowym. I would like to note that Kirill Serebrennikov most of the work done and recorded. Today it’s more important to rehearse and bring to the desired level execution choreography by Yuri Pokojowym delivered. In mid-November, the choreographer will be able to come to Moscow and to continue work. The agreement we have with him has already been achieved. If the situation is resolved, Kirill Serebrennikov will be able to prepare for the release of this show, and we will be glad if he will join this work”, – said Vladimir urin.

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