The head coach of the hockey club promised to “learn lessons” the last game in the NHL.

On 17 February the Belarusian team lost on the platform of the previous winner and the current leader of the season CSKA Moscow with the score 1:4 (0:1, 0:2, 1:1). To learn lessons from mistakes, promised the head coach of the hockey club “Dynamo” (Minsk) Craig Woodcroft after another defeat in the KHL, write

“We have the whole season telling the players that if you’re dead tired, you have to find in yourself some power and energy to stay until the end and then have to go on. We have a definite plan in shifts. There are certain points of the position of the puck when guys can change. But the situations are different… In General, the season shift in the second period — our Achilles heel. For us this is really a test, they do not always occur smoothly. Sometimes there are failures. Anyway, it’s our lessons that we will learn, will learn from there experience and we will continue to work,” said Woodcroft.

According to him, remaining until the end of the regular season four games, “Dynamo” wants to show the best hockey ability. “The guys have full motivation to get on the ice and prove that they are ready to play here next season. And we do expect better performances in the upcoming games,” said the canadian.

Woodcroft also said that while no specific decisions, what will the players after the end of the regular season. “Of course we want to support yourself in shape. Many of them will have a new challenge — the world championship, and we want players approached him in readiness. We will consult with the hockey Federation and find a mutually acceptable solution. We expect that players will be primed to fight at the world championship. We have had preliminary discussions, but the decision yet,” said the coach.

After 58 matches Dynamo with 37 points closes the table in the Western conference (10 wins in regulation, 2 in overtime, 1 in the shootout, 34 defeats in the regular time, 6 overtime, 5 —on shootouts, the difference washers 123-211).