The Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow

© Albert Garnelis/TASS

MOSCOW, December 27. /TASS/. Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) at a meeting in March of 2018 will elect about 120 new professors.

This was at a joint meeting of the Presidium of RAS and of coordinating research Council FANO on Wednesday announced Vice-President of RAS, academician Alexei Khokhlov, and the President of RAS Alexander Sergeev.

“We currently have 110 vacancies, jobs offered these to distribute at offices… we Have among the professors of Sciences no lawyers, and we see that we need legal support, it is proposed to add the appropriate jobs to the Department of social Sciences,” said Khokhlov.

As explained to journalists Sergeyev, following the discussion, the Presidium decided that in addition to job opportunities the leadership of the Institute together with departments of the Academy will distribute own ten percent quota . He did not specify when it will be known the final distribution of new professors in offices. General meeting of the RAS and Assembly offices is scheduled for March 2018.

Academy of Sciences introduced the honorary title of Professor of RAS in 2015. This title is awarded to Russian scientists and scientists with Russian citizenship not older than 50 years who are not members of the Academy. Professor RAS should have experience of research activities in scientific or educational organizations not less than 10 years. Honorary rank does not provide any benefits for its owner.

For the first time the title of Professor, RAS was awarded in December 2015 497 scientists. However, after the election of the members of the Academy in the fall of 2016, about 100 of them became corresponding members of the Academy.