WASHINGTON, March 8. /Offset. TASS Anton Cranks/. The white house is considering the budget cuts the Coast guard and transportation security Administration (TSA) for financing the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico. This was reported on Tuesday the newspaper The Washington Post, which obtained the draft plan office of management and budget the White house.

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As noted in the document, the planned funding cuts including the Federal emergency management Agency (FEMA), which is engaged in liquidation of consequences of natural disasters . So, in the current year by 14%, from $9.1 to $7.8 billion, may be reduced the budget of the Coast guard, which in the United States is an independent kind of armed forces along with the army, air force, Navy and marine Corps. Funding of FEMA is to reduce by 11% – from $4.5 to $3.6 billion; the same amount may be reduced funds for the TSA.

In particular, the allocation of funds will be reduced by programmes to implement security at airports. While, as expected, the budget of the Department of homeland security (DHS), which is composed of these two departments, will increase by 6.4%, to $43.8 bn As noted in the document, $2.9 billion will be spent on the construction of the wall, $1.9 billion for the creation of temporary accommodation centers for illegal immigrants, as $285 million to increase the state border service of the United States.

Earlier, us media reported that the MNS is ready to allocate only $20 million for the construction of the wall on the us-Mexican border. According to Reuters, the wall will require $21.6 billion. the White house said that the construction should be carried out within existing resources.

On 25 January, the President of the United States Donald trump has signed a decree on the construction of a large barrier on the border with Mexico and said that its implementation will begin immediately. In this case the Republican during his election campaign last year stated that the project cost of construction will be $12 billion, and his party – the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan and the Republican leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell – spoke about $15 billion, trump has repeatedly pointed out that the construction of the wall will pay Mexico.