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TASS, 9 Jun. Saudi Arabia increases oil production after about two years of contraction. This is stated in an article published Friday in the newspaper the Wall Street Journal.

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According to sources from among officials in may, the volume of production in the Kingdom was increased by more than 100 thousand barrels per day. It reached about 10 million barrels a day. In the course of this month, officials plan to increase the rate of not less than 100 thousand barrels per day, the newspaper notes.

“This step will reduce the concern in the markets,” said one of the sources. He stated that there are concerns about disruption of oil supplies from Iran.

According to the newspaper, “the amount of increased production of crude oil, is not very large by the standards of Saudi Arabia” . However, as emphasized in the material taken by the Kingdom of measures “indicates a sharp change of course Riyadh, who headed a coalition of countries among the major oil suppliers that in the past two years has significantly reduced production volumes”.

The publication provides data of consulting company Kpler, according to which exports from the Kingdom have increased by 300 thousand barrels a day. The publication notes that the rates of oil production and its exports do not always “move in tandem”.

Earlier this week Reuters, citing sources reported that the U.S. administration called the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman al Saud and turned to him with a request to increase oil production in case the price starts to rise due to renewed American sanctions against Iran and reducing Iran’s oil exports. One of the sources added that the conversation took place on 7 may, the day before the President of the United States Donald trump announced the withdrawal from the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program.