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YALTA, April 20. /TASS/. International Yalta economic forum began with a presentation of the investment potential of the Republic of Crimea. The head of the Republic will personally introduce guests and participants of the forum with projects in which to invest. Businessmen, politicians, economists, three days will discuss the future of the region’s investment in one of the prestigious hotels of the Crimean coast of the Black sea.

“To participate in the forum signed up almost 1,600 people from across Russia and 40 foreign countries. Most of them came to the event,” said TASS in the press service of the forum.

Crimean coats and clean water

Crimea presented a number of investment projects, most of which, in the opinion of the Crimean people, who represent them, will become a reality in the next year or two . The pig complex of the company “South” in the Simferopol district, with a capacity of over 100 thousand heads, whose construction will begin this spring, will be put into operation in early 2018. The designed capacity of the enterprise “Veles-Crimea” for the storage and processing of grain, which will work according to European technology, is scheduled in the first quarter of 2019. Crimea plans ten years to become a center of production of high quality fur and leather, most of the projects represented in the construction industry is about a dozen sentences.

“We expect to find at the site of the forum of investors to the largest in the Crimea the project energoobespechenie complex, which will provide a unique enterprise company towns of Krasnoperekopsk and Armyansk, where is the chemical cluster, which includes Russia’s only plant for the production of titanium dioxide, only in the European part of the country soda plant and has no analogues bromine plant,” – said TASS representative of the development Corporation of the Republic of Crimea Pavel Kryukov.

According to the organizing Committee of the event, the Ministry of economic development of the Crimea produced 25 agreements and memorandums for signature at the sidelines of the forum. It is planned to sign three investment agreements on implementation of projects on the territory of Crimea, three investment Memorandum of cooperation agreement with the Kurchatov Institute, “Support of Russia”, the industry development Fund and the Agency’s investment in the social sector etc. in addition, it is expected that on the sidelines of the forum an agreement on cultural cooperation between Yalta and the Italian city of Rovigo.

Thousands of Crimean colors for investors

Many participants go to Yalta for the third consecutive year, not only for business contacts and discuss business ideas, but in order to bring the spring to enjoy the warmth and bright Crimean sun. Participants began arriving at the event earlier in the day on April 19. Those cars came from nearby regions, mainly in the South of Russia had to spend several hours awaiting the resumption of the work of the Kerch ferry, closed because of the storm.

For most guests meeting with the Peninsula began with the airport of Simferopol, covered in gray clouds and low to mid April five degree heat. However, the cost to drive an hour and a half along the coast, and a hospitable Yalta hosted the warm sun and vivid colors of green trees, pink and white flowers and blue sea.

The second time the main economic event of the Crimea is in Russia’s only health resort five stars “dream resort”. Especially to the event organizers decorated the hotel a large number of plants. “Just yesterday, we unloaded a big wagon with potted plants, specially imported from Holland, another Gazelle, Laden with ceramics and pots came in today. For decoration mostly used flowers premium, such an event is worthy of special colors,” said one of the best florists-decorators of Russia Andrey Makarov, specially invited to the Crimea to decorate the forum.

Rooms of the hotel, where the forum events, also decorated with the Crimean colors – about 3 thousand Calla lilies and tulips that are now blooming in the sunshine.

International Yalta economic forum (AMEF) takes place from 20 to 22 April, with the participation of about 1.5 thousand people from 50 countries. AMEP is held for the third time. In 2016, the forum was signed 12 investment agreements totaling more than 70 billion rubles. Also EMAF II was developed the mechanism of protection of foreign investors willing to work in the Crimea, to Western sanctions.

Strategic information partner of the forum is the news Agency TASS.