The producer of Dima Bilan, Yana Rudkovskaya, he went with his son in the French capital, according to the Russian Dialogue.

But not in order to enjoy beautiful views of the city, and to exploit the son, who took part in a commercial shoot for Balmain kids, misleading
The video shows how the boy is unhappy posing and looking at the camera. The face of Sasha symbolizes happiness and pleasure, but rather the unwillingness to sit in a small room to please mom and her ambitions. The producer justified their actions by the fact that many famous models and began their journey.

Besides the fact that Rudkovskaya has exploited the labor of the minor son, her fans were surprised that the boy “became a pampered”. So, in the video, little Sasha asked star mom if she will buy him a toy after shooting, to which Ian responded positively. Apparently the little boy knows the “price” and receives his pay for work. But some fans of Yana Rudkovskaya on the contrary praised her for such perseverance and activity in the upbringing of his son, who, judging by their words, you could grow a purposeful and popular.

Recall, as reported by the Russian Dialogue Bilan “drove” to work in the field: Rudkovskaya mad at the artist for “drunken antics”. Now Dima is not in the stadiums and in the woods with a shovel. There he even manages to pose for a photo to complain to fans at the injustice in my life.

Russian Dialogue reported that Yana Rudkovskaya hinted about her pregnancy. It became known how to react to the news her husband figure skater Yevgeny Plushenko.