Yana Rudkovskaya revealed personal secrets in a recent live edition of the show “the Secret to a million.” The star told about his divorce from businessman Victor Baturin.

In a recent edition of the show “the Secret in a million” was featured Yana Rudkovskaya. The producer talked about his career, his youth, and even told about the painful breakup with ex-husband Viktor Baturin, reports “Russian conversation”.

Jana admitted that her divorce from her husband was quite deliberate step. However, the husband for a long time could not come to terms with the fact that Ian left him, and therefore expressed a lot of nasty words in her address. In particular, his assertion that he married Joanna because her pregnancy is a pure lie, told out of spite Rudkovskaya.

Talking about how the couple “fought” for children, Jan couldn’t hold back the tears . It’s still frustrating because she and her ex-husband put the children in the divorce process. “All this children, it’s hard to remember,” said the producer, with tears in his eyes.

Now, when resentment is gone, Ian is good at communicating with Baturin. According to her, neither he nor she don’t keep each other out of anger.