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MOSCOW, August 22. /TASS/. “Yandex” has launched a new version of search, which is based on a comparison of the meaning of the query and the web page, the company said. New version works on algorithm “Queens”, who with the help of a neural network determines what the user needs. The neural network analyzes not only the title and the entire page, while “Yandex” defines the essence of the page in advance, at the stage of indexing.

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Another feature of the “Queen” is that it takes into account also the meaning of other keywords for which people to pass it. “To the neural network can evaluate the semantic proximity of the query and the document she needs a huge amount of examples . Such examples give an impersonal search stats: what sites people go on requests and how much time you spend there. So if a person went to the page and was looking at it a while, most likely, it is close in meaning to the query. Using the search statistics of millions of people, “Yandex” learning to understand the semantic connection. For example, he will understand that the query “painting where the sky twisted”, it is about the painting by van Gogh, and the query “lazy cat from Mongolia” – Pallas” – said in a press release.

In the past year, “Yandex” has launched a system operating on the basis of neural networks, “Palekh”. The old system has indexed 150 pages in “Queen” the number of pages which the search compares the meaning of a request, increased to 200 thousand.

The new algorithm was named in honor of the founder of Russian cosmonautics Sergei Korolev.

“Today we are launching a new ranking algorithm “Queens”. Why did we choose this name? Sergei Korolev realized the dream of mankind of flying into space. For us in “Yandex” today’s launch is as important technological breakthrough towards the dream of search that understands the users,” – said at the presentation of the new version of the search head of the relevance of linguistics of “Yandex” Alexander Safronov.

The audience

For training the search engines need to evaluate the quality of answers. Previously, “Yandex” has evaluated the quality of search with the help of his appraisers. The new search will take into account assessments, which will put users of the service “Yandex.Cleanup” – a distributed network of appraisers. The service allows anyone to perform tasks and receive rewards, at this moment it was more than a million users. On the platform can register anyone.

Yandex is the largest search engine in Russia. The share of the Russian search market (including search on mobile devices) in the second quarter of 2017 averaged 54.3 percent in the first quarter of this year – 54,7% (according to analytical service “Yandex.Radar”). According Liveinternet.ru in June of this year the share of search of “Yandex” amounted to 51.3%.