Dayana Yastremsky commented on his performance at the Federation Cup.

The second racket of Ukraine Yastremsky Diane spoke of her rival Isabella Shinikova, whom she beat in the fed Cup in the framework of confrontation Ukraine – Bulgaria.

“The difficulty was not in tactics, and its unpredictability. Because Shinikova, in the best sense of the word, an inadequate player. She can slap the ball and she will fly. So I had to be very focused. I used to pile on the speed, but she on the contrary tried to slow down.

All our drawings were 2-3 goals here, either it is wrong or I am. In the first set I did two drop-shots. One won, and after the second, somehow, and very well he played,” said Yastremsky.

Recall that the second single match in the confrontation with Bulgaria win of Elina Svitolina and the doubles won by Ukrainian Duo Tsurenko – Zavacka.

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