The leader of the party “people’s front”, the ex-Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk urged the convening of a situational room of the security under the chairmanship of the head of state in connection with the murder of the employee of the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine Maksym Shapoval, reported on the official website of the party on Tuesday.

“Urgent need to convene a situational room on security under the chairmanship of President of Ukraine”, – said A. Yatsenyuk.

The politician also said that this murder, as well as cyber attacks on key state institutions “should be attributed to the higher level of danger.”

As earlier reported, on Tuesday in Solomenskiy district of Kiev there was an explosion of a car which killed a staff member of the Gur of the Ministry of defense Colonel Maksym Shapoval .

The Director of the Department of communication of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Artem Shevchenko said that the car explosion was killed by a current serviceman of Armed forces of Ukraine, 1978.R., and the emergency law enforcement officers qualified under article “terrorist act”.

Head of the Deputy head of the National police of Ukraine – head of chief Directorate of national police in Kiev, Andriy kryschenko said that the police have information about a blast in the car, in which killed M. Shapoval, type of explosives is not installed yet.