Yauhen Afnagel

There’s a lot of examples.

This was the coordinator of “European Belarus” Yauhen Afnahel told in an interview H97 Studio (Studio x ninety-seven):

– As you felt, how many at the mercy of people who want change?

– I think in power even more than among ordinary people. Why? Because they are constantly dealing with this tyrant. Imagine the situation, when every day you hear stupid orders, stupid idea and ideas, in the end, when you are publicly accountable.

Lukashenka has the habit to arrange a conference call where he just throws mud officials, appointed. It is such a spectacle for the people: “I’m good — and they are all bad.” And I think that those who sit, head down, very frustrating.

There is a simple example. In this campaign our candidate Andrew wojnicz collected signatures in the Moscow district of Minsk. In his district there were several homes where lived the officials — former or present-day small, but nevertheless the officials and their families. Nowhere to put so many signatures for independent candidates, as in these houses. It was just a record for Minsk.

Here’s the simple answer. Help us and government officials, and security officials closed down somewhere. Such examples are, in fact, a lot. Some examples I call, some call later.

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