The famous artist didn’t like that the participants of the popular show used obscene words during his speeches.

In a recent interview with Yevgeny Petrosyan spoke about his work and about their Hobbies. As it turned out, the artist rarely watching television, according to “Russian conversation”.

Most of all he likes a show about gifted children, because he is confident that they will build the future of the country. “And I understand that we young people are not only foul language in a Comedy club,” said Petrosyan.

Reporters asked why he didn’t like this show. In response, the artist said he believes many of the participants of this show are very talented people with a good sense of humor. However it’s not really like that most of the participants of “Comedy” is often used swear words. The artist called the use in speech obscene words “crime” .

“The fact that they Express their thoughts, abusive words, – it’s terrible,” said Yevgeny Petrosyan.