The new Bolshoi theatre, recently reopened, the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation held a final panel. “First time back to our country, we will be proud to remember that a lot of did the first time” — these words of the head of the cultural Department was the refrain.

Vladimir Medinsky. Photo: AGN “Moscow”

In General, the report on the work of the Ministry of culture for the year 2016 was the rainbow, for which he undertook — a solid achievement. Just renovated 42 cultural sites, including the Arsenal at Tsarskoye Selo and the exhibition hall “Ukraine” in Sevastopol. At the Vaganova choreographic school competition with 6.5 entrant has risen to 20 people in the place. In the movie the law on Teplokommunenergo. 7 bills being negotiated, among them — on the import and export of cultural property, the fight against piracy on the Internet. There are over 400 cinemas, and in turn to the end of 2017 — a further 300 . Full swing adaptation for the screen existed circuses, and watch a good movie there will be 24 regions, however, the process, according to the Minister of culture, is sluggish. Will be “reborn from ashes” (quote) the Museum of cinema. Old was visited by 2 thousand people a year, and now the number of visitors should exceed 100 thousand.

The Minister appealed to the mayor of Moscow with a request to assist the emergence of a sub-screen of the cinema Museum within the Garden ring. There was no place for the cinematography Library. S. Eisenstein. Rental last year came 157 Russian paintings. 25 years of modern Russia the number of viewers reached 35 million 200 thousand has Not bypassed Vladimir Medinsky attention and the phenomenon of queues at the exhibition Aivazovsky and Serov (then, however, the Director of the Tretyakov gallery Zelfira Tregulova noticed that the museums can’t do, just doomed to success of the public exhibitions, such as those listed). 14 percent, according to the Minister, increased attendance at theatres around the country. A night at the Moscow Philharmonic sold 200 thousand season tickets a year ago — 100 thousand. “Our people really love art,” summed up the Medina. Yes, in the field of circus arts we are ahead of the rest. The Minister, however, wished the circuses such as full halls, such as in theaters and museums, and at the same time chided the Union of circus figures, which in contrast to the theatrical and cinematographic refused “from helping hands Ministry of culture”.

In total, income from cultural activities reached 10 billion rubles. The average salary of culture workers amounted to 27 thousand 100 rubles. Medina, he said, would be “rigidity, is not peculiar to the sphere of culture” in relation to governors who do not support cultural undertakings. Special pain — culture in small towns and rural areas. For the reconstruction of DK in a rural location allocated 1.5 billion, which will revive 100 objects.

At some point, the Minister turned to sitting on the podium of Maestro Gergiev. And he was in the clouds and did not realize what was expected of him. Leaving the podium, he gracefully coped with the embarrassment: “I Want to follow the debate, and on the other hand, I want to enjoy the theater building left to us by another Minister”. At Gergiev’s plenty of plans. It opens a branch of the theatre in their homeland, in Vladikavkaz, and have already agreed with Anna Netrebko about the performance. Gergiev said that over the weekend he performed at the Mariinsky 20-25 events for children, and is a potential audience of theater in 10-20 years. “Don’t need a huge cash infusion to make a quality children’s program,” he said.

Someone was already glorified by the user. The head of “Russian enterprise to them. Andrei Mironov” in Saint-Petersburg Rudolf Furmanov said that he was tired of the negativity, he wants to see the positive: “We see a Minister who is not trying to please the creative intelligentsia”. He protests against what is no Russian spirit against negativity in the movie. “The media, you know, Vladimir Medinsky — a real Russian intellectual”, — summed up Furmanov.

Much has been said about the fact that closing rural cultural institutions because of disrepair, there is an outflow of population from the villages. And then went up to the podium Edgar Zapashny and, turning to the audience, asked the previous speakers: “Who is speaking of rolex?” And lives our culture is the sparkle and poverty. Zapashny, by the way, said that construction began on the world’s largest circus for 10 thousand seats. Not here, in China. It will be decorated in the Russian style — the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral. Our artists will be performing — have already signed the contract. Average monthly salary in our circus — 68 thousand. Achievements are many: gold and silver awards, so “bronze” is a tragedy.

The Chairman of the Federation Council Committee for science, education and culture Zinaida dragunkina reminded the audience about the feast of the Annunciation. Such a coincidence, she said, is also the assessment of the work of the Ministry of culture. And the good news she brought, “our Minister’s daughter. The fourth child in the family.” “First I wanted to call report people. It must be carried to all corners of Russia”, — was deeply moved Zinaida dragunkina. And since, in her opinion, education, culture and education — the three sisters that go together, you must enter the cultural diary of the student, as already done in one of the regions. Children will be able to describe all that he saw. Idea strongly, if not fervently supported Vladimir Medinsky and promised to discuss it with Olga Golodets.