Celebrity who two months ago became a mother for the third time, spoke about the fourth child.

In a recent interview with actress Anna Sedokova frankly told about his family. At the moment all the attention the singer pays her infant son Hector, who was born in early April, according to “Russian conversation”.

Anna admitted that with the birth of a son she had much more of a hassle and, therefore, less free time. However Sedokova it’s not frustrating, because she loves her children to devote her life to their upbringing. In addition to Hector she has two daughters Alina and Monica, with whom she has a great relationship.

Also, the artist said he was not against to become a mother for the fourth time. “I’d love to become a mother to a fourth child, but only a little later,” – said the star in an interview with reporters . Sedokova has admitted that the recent birth are a day it very hard, so she needs to restore health.

We will remind, still the fans don’t know who was the father of a newborn heir Sedokova. Recently the singer posted a sad post about the problems in the relationship, because of what the followers have decided that the singer and her lover there was some kind of conflict.