MURMANSK, June 9. /TASS/. Arctic brigade of the Northern fleet on Saturday for the first time opened a summer camp for yunarmeytsev Kola polar region. As reported TASS the press service of the fleet, the camp is designed for 100 yunarmeytsev, now it profit more than 70 students.

“Today, on the basis of a separate motorized rifle brigade Arctic Northern fleet in the area of the village of locomotive Alakurtti (Murmansk oblast) began a four-day camp fee for yunarmeytsev Kola polar region”, – reports a press-service.

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Tent camp for 100 persons, was defeated by soldiers of the brigade and prepared to stay students aged 8 to 16 years. Yunarmeytsev will almost the same as in the Arctic infantry routine – early rise, morning physical exercise, and formal verification. The meals will be served in a field kitchen.

On the basis of the Arctic brigade students will undergo basic military training . With them will be conducted classes in physical drill, fire and tactical training. At the end of summer camp yunarmeytsy will pass tests on the material covered and the standards of the TRP.

In the framework of the summer camp, which was first held at the Arctic brigade will be held military-sports game “Dozor-2018”, in which there will be various military-sports competitions, including a March at a distance of 10 kilometers and orientation in unfamiliar terrain. Participants who showed the best results in the individual championship, the last fire assault obstacle course and a training fight with the instructor, will receive the badge “Uname “special Forces of the Arctic.”

The closing of the summer camp yunarmeytsev and awarding will be held on June 12, Russia Day.