Legendary artist increasingly began to disappear from the public eye in his home country, reports Russian Dialogue, with reference to “7 Days”.

It should be noted that the reason for asceticism lies in a recent foot injury. Yuri Antonov injured leg. After the incident he went to the medical center to the doctors.

“My knee hurts, a torn ligament, the meniscus. The doctors say that you need to lie on the bed, but out of respect I can not attend some of the events,” explains the artist.

Now Yuri Antonov will be treated, but he tries not to abandon the usual lifestyle. The artist will combine physical activity and creativity with which the pain, according to singer, is transferred much easier.

“If you focus on the pain, it will be even stronger, so I think about something else. These shamanic activities help, because a week and a half ago was sick a lot stronger,” — says the artist.

Yuri Antonov doctors prescribed a course of injections, and while the singer tries to fully devote his time to a collectible vinyl record which will include all the famous hits of Russian showbiz.

As reported earlier, the Russian Dialogue, the famous Russian 52-year-old actor Dmitry Nagiyev was injured when the conquest of the mountain peaks, so he had to seek help to the doctors. TV presenter suffered once ventured to conquer the mountain top.

We will remind that Nikita Mikhalkov has shared details about any complication from a leg injury. The Director stated that he had formed a crack in the bone where he had got the infection.