Yuri Belenky

According to the article of treason.

The pinnacle of the integration of Belarus with Russia could become the new Kurapaty, said on 3 November in the tract at the rally on the occasion of the Grandfathers Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Christian party BPF Yury Belenki, reports Radio Racyja.

According to him, Russia is “the successor of Mongol despotism.”

“Today we are witnessing what is happening in Russia, when people are put in real terms in jail for the repost on the Internet, just because someone at the rally have not looked at the police, – said the politician. – Manifestation of despotism is a lie, which was accompanied by the seizure of Ukraine, hybrid war. And with these people we need to integrate? Think of the people Kurapaty on this earth, what kind of integration we can talk!”

According to Belenky, “Union Treaty is completely unconstitutional document,” and the people who signed it,” had to sit in jail.

“Those who today say that they are acting within the framework of the “Union state”, are going to commit a very serious crime – treason,” – said the politician.

According to Belenky, the thesis of protection of independence should be the main.

“Because there is a threat to our independence, and hence the possibility of a new Kurapaty, we must do everything to prevent it”, – said the politician.