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Today, the Sovereign Director of the Bureau rosslauer Roman Trumpet saying activsts part “Evropeyska Soldanesti” about vastly claims to quality bronejilety, that was nahodili to Ukrayinsky viyska s 2014 till March 2019 rock. Also the Director of DBR patogiu gollust their statements about newtpad quality bronezhiletom nonesene materialno Skoda derjav. About TSE domi volunteer, candidate to deputies from folk art “Evropeyska Soldanesti” Yuri Birukov saying after sustr activsts “ºC” s Director of DBR.

“Things only Tube vdeolar stating the next question: claims schodo bronezhiletom of minula years vypisku no. All matuszna through the party (bronezhiletom – ed), Yak pocha of nahodite on skladi s quina. It is important, that the determination of price for shares part not performed General! Boule ACS “SLDC d” testomony, that after seeing niezrozumia hto I niezrozumia de. W tsogo vsogo mene post question: on that pastaw VIN (novel Pipe – ed) all kraïnu 26 June saying about those scho 3 î 5 bronezhiletom brakovan the one about saldano Skoda UAH 100 million?!”, – said Yuri Birukov.

Yak known that W cob Wyborcza campan SLDC Sovereign Bureau rosslauer had about 40 obsuk have volonteri predstavnik team part “Evropeyska Soldanesti”.

Today, on July 15 activty part “Evropeyska Soldanesti” in the head is DBR held a rally s wymogow immediately address Prienai poltice motivov peresman volonteri dobrovolcu, that z 2014 roku to chinati Opir rosiysky agrees.